Habit Changer



It can feel hard to change unwanted habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking of cigarettes or even binge eating.

Karen utilises a combination of techniques (hypnosis, wellness coaching, and intuitive meditation) to support you creating a conscious awareness of the root cause of your unwanted behaviour.

Together we explore the behaviours you want to change. We unpack the hows and whys of those obstacles that make you feel stuck. It doesn’t stop there, once we have worked on shifting out the negative, we pour our energy into boosting your motivation and commitment to self.


Changing Habits

We all have subconscious patterns which sabotage our dream life. Sometimes that habit causes us to drink, smoke or eat to excess. If you’re looking to make changes in your life, then this is the appointment that could change your life.
This appointment comprises a conversation based in the principles of wellness coaching, and identify your goal. Then we undertake stress diffusion, and finish the session with empowered hypnotic meditation which is recorded and provided for you to continue reinforcing new beliefs at home.



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