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Learn more about Kinesiology provided using ‘surrogation’ for a telehealth online session…

What Is A Telehealth Session?

Kinesiology practitioners have an important role to play in supporting the Australian community to stay well and reduce stress levels, especially in relation to the rapid changes occurring in our community.

The Australian Kinesiology Association permits the use of ‘surrogation’ to continue performing balances for clients during the COVID pandemic. When using a surrogate person to balance the client, the person being the surrogate takes on the energy of the client or acts as if they were ‘being the client’.

The following are examples (but not limited to), when a surrogate balance is permitted:

• Baby or a child that cannot be muscle tested or lie still long enough for a successful balance;

• A person who is disabled in any way that prohibits them from being muscle tested accurately;

• Inability to be there in person, e.g. hospitalised, living in another city, state or country.

• When social distancing rules prevent the practitioner from touching the client

How Does Surrogation Work?

Self-testing has many forms and different practitioners will work in different ways. When performing self-testing, the practitioner is essentially setting up a surrogate balance where she is surrogating on behalf of the client.

The practitioner must muscle test that they have permission to test themselves on behalf of the client and that they are willing and able to be the surrogate for the client.

Typical methods of conducting online or distance balancing include:

a) a quasi-face-to-face session over a video conference platform (similar to Telehealth) where the practitioner self-tests and the client interact during the whole process

b) a phone call session where the practitioner self-tests and the client interact during the whole process

c) a setup session where the goal of the treatment is agreed on, then the practitioner performs the self-testing and corrections off-line (this may be important for clients or practitioners who are highly sensitive to working over the internet or in the presence of EMF’s)

How Does The Practitioner Access A Client Remotely?

We use the principals of quantum physics! I know, nerd alert!!!!

Did you know atoms are in a constant state of motion? Depending upon the speed of the atom will determine whether things appear as a solid, liquid or gas. This motion creates a frequency that can be measured.

Everything has a vibrational frequency like sound, and light, and even your thoughts!

The kinesiology practitioner who is trained to perform online balancing can therefore tune into your vibrational frequencies (just like in a face-to-face session) during an online session.

Online Booking

You can book your session and pay online for your convenience.

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Thanks so much, Karen. I can’t believe that our recent online session leaves me feeling exactly the same as if I had been in your clinic. Whilst I love the face-to-face sessions, the online experience really got me out of a pickle whilst I was travelling!


I don’t know how you do it Karen, but that recent online experience was fabulous. I was dreading finding a new practitioner since moving interstate. I’m delighted that the online experience provides me with the same result and positive outcomes!



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