Karen has provided boutique clinical services
to the Gippsland community for over twenty years.

Meet Kaz

Hello gorgeous!

I’m Kaz Humphries. Also known as the Change Chick

I have an eclectic array of qualifications. I started my career as an indisutrial chemist/enviornmental scientist. I spent ten years at EPA Victoria working in enforcement and legislative development roles. I returned to another goverment role for nearly half a decade as a Project + Governance Manager.

After running various multi-disciplinary teams and management systems for multi-national consulting firms, I launched my own business in 2004. 

That evolved business today, enables me to spend quality time with my family, and live a balanced life jam packed with self care and love.

Two decades on I’ve now incorporated a broad range of behavioural support modalities that can empower my clients and audience to achieve their dream lives.

I am a professional and accredited business mentor with national Kinesiology Associations in Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve worked with clients, colleagues and students across a variety of industries, including health, wellness, parenting, marketing, and recruitment.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a stress defusion modality which uses muscle monitoring via the body’s natural biofeedback mechanisms, to measure where a person stores stress within their system.  Karen utilises a variety of specific corrections defuse stress and allow the client to return to their natural state of recuperation.

Karen holds practitioner qualifications in KinesiologyLEAP (brain integration)TBM and Neuro Training. Each of these modalities incorporates the western medical science of  anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

Total Body Modification (TBM) is a specialised  kinesiology modality that allows the practitioner to test the Body Points with spinal corrections in real time using specific correction sequences.

Balancing the Autonomic Recovery Program of the body allows a resetting of the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system. This allows the body to safely detox, re-establish healthy blood flow and regulation of blood sugars and other general health maintenance.

What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a gentle and peaceful way to communicate with the sub conscious mind. Just like kinesiology and meditation, hypnotherapy is another fabulous tool to work ‘hands off’ with a client, and empower them to reframe negative to positive.

Karen uses hypnotherapy to support her clients to break the habit of being their current self. By this, Karen means that she supports you to defuse, delete, release and let go of unwanted habits which stop you from achieving your goals and desired outcomes.

Naturally, Karen will also infuse positive suggestion into each bespoke recording and session to maximise your ability to make proactive changes in your life.

What Is Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy (RT) is a complete and integrated theory of personality and associated therapy that incorporates therapeutic interventions that relate to the pathological resource conditions of fear, rejection, confusion, disappointment, advoidance, conflict and dissonance.

Resource persoanlity theory is based on the concept that the persoanlity is not one homogoneous whole, by composed of a number of parts. These parts are terms our resources (ie states) because they each have many skills and ablilties. When we have the best part out for the situation we can enjoy the moment, responding according to our values and needs.

RT is a toll that is interwoven into every session. The tools allow the client to gain a conscious awareness of what part is steering their ship and whether this is appropriate for their current situation.

What Is Intuitive Meditation?

Intuitive Meditation is a ‘scientific and philosophical based’ method of Meditation to access and connect with your own intuition with trust and courage to follow your heart’s truth (your soul voice / your inner guidance).

Connecting to your heart’s truth allows you to stay present and be guided from our intuition with trust and clarity/certainty. The aim of this deeper connection is to bring your intuition into your day to day life, not just only in your meditation time.

Through this method you quieten the monkey mind with breathing practices to become still and to activate your own intuition, from within your heart truth!

As you follow the breath into your heart space, here you meet your higher self through connecting with your intuition in its highest form.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching incorporates a relaxed conversation using a series of defined questions to assist you in identifying your ideal vision of life.

Karen utilises her 30 years of engagement experience to guide you to gently dig a little and gain conscious awareness of your challenges. This awareness provides the participant with an understanding of where you are on your journey path.

Karen then supports you to establish goals to move forward, through, over, or around the current life obstacle, and continue along your path.

Why is Brain Integration so important?

Karen is a qualified LEAP (R) practitioner and explains the importance of our brain being able to import, process and respond to information effectively and efficiently.

Brain Integration utilises the combination of neuro-kinesiology, light touch on acupressure points, and finger modes to activate stress defusion.

When our brains are integrated, we maximise our ability to receive, process and respond to our surrounding environments.

When there is a loss of brain integration, we are not functioning at our optimum, and become reactive. In this state we activate our sympathetic nervous system and neurologically become defensive.

A session incorporating these techniques is a very calm, relaxing experience because the sub-conscious survival switches are dialled down or even turned off, enabling a client to return to the state of ‘rest and digest‘.  In this state we can begin to heal.

Coaching Testimonials

I have been priviledged to hold space for 100s of new and emerging entreprenuers. Here’s what they have to say!

Mel Kaese - Emerge Mindset Hypnotherapy

My world has changed! I’ve always found the digital space confronting, both personally and business when it comes to social media.

A few hours with Karen, and the mind-mess has been removed. This woman is a goldmine of knowledge. If you need assistance, she is your ladyboss!

Thank you Karen. I’m damn grateful for your expertise!

Jacque Mooney - Simply The Brain

“Love the One Page Business Plan course, it’s amazing!

You are such a gift to everyone who is determined to raise their profile and understand better how to be seen in this crazy IT world!

Thank you for being you!

Sofia Cherry - Soul Fusion Therapies

Karen definitely is passionate about supporting everyone to blossom in their own unique way.

I admire her commitment to supporting other kinesiologists in their businesses through motivational support and webinars.

I highly recommend her mentoring processes.

Belinda Aditya - Kinesiology For Life

Thank you again for giving me the confidence to get started. I’d be interested in any future networking like this, it was absolutely fabulous.

I highly recommend Karen for her business coaching & tips. I have been able to learn what I needed to get started with confidence.

Karen has a lot of knowledge in this area & nothing was a problem for her, she is very organized & replies promptly. Thank you for everything you have taught me Karen, I have enjoyed being in the group environment with likeminded people.

Thank you for being you!

Megan McIntyre - Restored Balance Kinesiology

I successfully utilised Karen’s business mentoring services. Her approach to this work was exactly what I needed.

Her response time is very quick and advice is followed through so you know you are being cared for.

I thoroughly recommend her for Kinesiology and her business building tips/ mentoring is on point as well.

Ilona Diessner

Thank you Karen for having an idea and sharing it with us, for taking time to mentor is it’s been invaluable.

It’s spurred me on to help others set up fb business pages and get paid for it after having helped others in the past for love.

My stats are up already.

I have more people reading my posts and am getting new clients. I am wrapt. Thank you doesn’t sum up my gratitude.

Christina - Rosewood Healing

Thank you for this course – I think what was best about it was that you shared your experiences of what works and what doesn’t (saving the new business owner many mistakes). 

I also found it really beneficial to create my vision and mission statements.  They not only provide me with clarity, but a further heart connection to my business.

Your additional feedback on my One Page Business Plan was appreciated and very beneficial. 

Your good ideas just keep on coming!  Love it!  It really does pay to have unbiased objective feedback on your business.

I hope others enjoy the course too.

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About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist, Kinesiology Practitioner, Wellness & Business Coach, LEAP, NES + TBM Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author.

Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic who loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Karen sees the value in bringinh her tribe together for all to flourish.