About Karen

Karen is the dynamic change-facilitation leader within the Traralgon based business – Blooming From Within. Karen has been providing change-ing services to her local Gippsland community for the last twenty years.

Karen is a Gippsland based entrepreneur and complimentary therapies practitioner, who is passionate about empowering people to live their best life.

Karen is a wife, and mother of a teenage daughter and two chocolate labs. She understands the constant juggle to achieve a balance between being a busy mum, self-love and success.

Karen appreciates the joy of good health after recovering from a breast cancer chapter. She loves sharing her high vibe passion for life and laughter with those motivated for change!

Karen chooses to change and bloom from within xx

How Does Karen Work?

Karen utilises all of her diverse skills to empower and nurture the broad range of clients who visit her clinic. She provides a range 1:1 professional clinical appointments ranging in time and activity. See the ‘services’ section for more details.


Karen's Qualifications

Karen holds qualifications in the following Complimentary and Alternative Medicine modalities:

  • Resource Therapy
  • Wellness Coaching,
  • Kinesiology (including TBM),
  • Neuro-Training,
  • LEAP Brain Integration,
  • Intuitive Meditation,
  • Massage,
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences,
  • Emotional Holograms,
  • Shiatsu, and
  • Ascension Reiki II.

Karen has also completed studies in Workplace and Mental Health First Aid and holds a current ‘Working With Children‘ card.

Karen has additional qualifications including:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management of Hazardous Materials)
  • Cert IV (Lead Auditor – HSEQ)
  • Cert IV (Fraud Control – Investigations)
  • Cert (Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology)
  • Cert – LEAP Brain Integration (1-6)
Karen's Experience

Karen is a qualified Environmental Scientist and Project Manager with twenty-two years of industry experience within the environmental compliance, waste management, audit, HSEQ and project/contract management fields.

This means that Karen is highly experienced at drilling down to the root cause of challenges we face – whether it be personal or business-related.

Karen has operated her successful kinesiology business for nearly twenty years.

Embrace The Journey

Karen’s spiritual journey began almost twenty years ago, when workplace stress-triggered symptoms of an inherited family illness. Karen commenced walking her spiritual journey path – back to the true self, after commencing a Louise Hay ‘Path of the Goddess‘ workshop – and has never looked back.

Along the way she’s studied a wide variety of health modalities which are utilised in combination with clinical sessions.

Coming Soon

In 2024, due to popular demand, Karen will be delivering day retreats again. This experience is entitled ‘Alchemy‘.

 These sessions are designed to empower the woman to rewild and find herself once again.

Be sure to register your interest in attending this event as places will be limited. If there is demand, multiple groups will be run.

Karen's Mision Statement

Karen’s mission is simple. Karen’s mission to create an inviting, safe space for those who choose to change their lives, connect to their truth, and bloom from within, in order to thrive in life.

Return to a natural state of health

Karen is highly motivated to support people to change, and to return to their natural state of recuperation.  Her clinical experience incorporates actively working with clients who are challenged with:

  • self worth, self acceptance, motivation, resilience, courage and limiting beliefs
  • pain management
  • hormonal imbalances
  • anxiety, depression, panic disorder, trauma and PTSD
  • behavioural and learning challenges including working memory, sensory processing, speech, visual & auditory system dysfunction
  • pre & post-operative rehabilitation
  • fertility issues
  • stress
  • emotional regulation of frustration, anger, rage, sadness, guilt and grief
  • fears & phobias
  • resistance to change … the list is endless!

Like Karen, you can choose to change!

Karen also provides a range of corporate services supporting employers. For example, corporate retreats have included:

  • empowerment and motivation of staff to reframe mindset and cohesiveness of groups
  • grief support for workplace post suicide events
  • stress management for teams dealing with significant community crisis such as bushfires.

Karen’s Services

Karen is a Change Facilitator and utilises her various qualifications for the clinical delivery of resource therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, kinesiology, neuro training, wellness coaching, and meditation facilitator.

She is also a published author of This Is My Roar.

Karen is also a business mentor specialising in supporting start up practitioners in acing their game as well as boosting corporate teams resilience and motivation!

As a former prosecution officer,  and HSEQ Auditor, Karen utilises her investigation and audit skills to drill down to the root cause of challenges to assist individuals to recuperate and achieve goals.

Karen also utilises the natural healing properties of several products including NES, Australian Bush Flower Essences, homeopathic tissue salts, and aromatherapy (to name a few) to support you to bloom from within.

Karen utilises her 22 years of project management experience and 30+ years of public speaking to facilitate corporate workshops.

Karen understands people and creates inviting environments which support group participation, as well as encouraging team building and collaboration.

Karen’s corporate services extend to:

  • Facilitated ‘resilience’, ‘Calm Me‘ training programs;
  • Informal ‘team-building’ workshops;
  • Accredited Business Mentor with AIK + KANZ;
  • conference presentations and workshops;
  • 1:1 corporate ‘facilitated change’ sessions to support staff in achieving their best in their workplace; 
  • Change-ing  Business Foundation Training – One Page Business Plan
  • Heart Connection Group classes
  • Alchemy Day Retreat;
  • Change-ing self paced learning programsp

Love seeing Karen to sort out my issues. I think she knows me better than I know myself. Always have a new understanding of self after spending time with her. Highly recommend her to everyone

Ben H

My daughter went to Karen nearly a week ago with symptoms that a 14 yr old shouldn’t be feeling. No energy, tired constantly, headaches, dizzyness, constipated. Not having enough energy to be as normal 14 yr old hanging with friends. I can tell you Karen has given me back my 14 yr old bubbly energetic daughter back. It’s amazing what she does and even more amazing the results from just one session. 
Thanks Karen

Narelle D

Your webinar today was very useful for my Kinesiology business thanks Karen. It is so good to witness your leadership in social media and Kinesiology. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge

Simone Miller

I had a session with Karen a couple of weeks ago. Karen came HIGHLY recommended to me and can I say, she did not disappoint! I walked in to my appointment feeling nothing. Empty, fed up, sick of everything but without the right words to explain it. And then I walked out after my appoinment feeling nothing. This was a good nothing though – None of what I walked in with came back out with me! It was like a huge weight was lifted from me and the best part was that I didn’t even need to put it into words! Thanks so much Karen, I’ll be sure to tell everyone about you and I’ll definitely be back! Xx

Jess J


9 Wexford Close, Traralgon, VIC 3844