Resource Therapy is a gentle and peaceful way to communicate with the sub conscious mind and restore balance within. 

Just like kinesiologymeditation, and hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy is another fabulous tool to work ‘hands off’ with a client, and empower them to live their best life.

What are you ready to change today?


It’s a simple question – right? Easy question, yet somehow in our everyday lives we can find this challenging to answer.

Karen commences every session with the above question, regardless of the modality you’ve booked in for.

A person goes to therapy to talk about their issues, express their feelings in order to gain a sense of validation and acknowledgement through being heard and accepted. While goals or hopes or focus for the session are common therapy questions, Karen recognises that  rarely does a person get asked “What are you ready to change today?

Resources are simply parts of our personality. We have many resources, which live in the brain.

I often use the Ship Metaphor – Life at Sea

As a means to show your Resources and how they operate, imagine if you will a big ship sailing through the seas. It takes a crew to sail it – right?

There’s a whole bunch of crew who support the captain to steer the ship and avoid icebergs. At any time we can have anywhere between 5-15 parts out on deck in the conscious, taking it in turns to steer the ship.

Think of your body as the ship, which has a steering wheel on the bridge (your brain) that determines where you are going on the sea of life and how to handle situations and emotions.

A Resource is a personality part that is at the helm of the ship, dealing with the ebb and flow of life, negotiating a safe return to port or sailing the sevens seas looking for adventure.

To run this huge ship of course requires many hands (our Resource States). So there there will be other parts on deck nearby close to the helm ready to step onto the bridge to take the wheel, if so required, some below deck and more buried in the depths of the ship that may rarely come to the surface (the subconscious).

Each of your crew on your ship can be thought of as our inner ‘Resources’, with their many individual, specific talents, abilities, knowledge, and sometimes fragility.

A resource is a physiological part of the brain, whereby a neural pathway has been created over time. Therefore each resource differs from others, and has it’s own traits, and desire to simply help you.

Surface states, or resources that are conscious, are those parts that are used frequently.

But here’s the thing, there’s a whole bunch of other resources below deck, within the sub-conscious. Most childhood states are underlying resources (unconscious), with memories that are not readily available to the surface states.

Within traditional talking therapy, you make an appointment seeking assistance. You want change possibly knowing there is life beyond where you are right now. Feeling uncertain and only knowing you need ’help and want to change. You talk about something that is bothering you, or issues holding you back eg stuck in confusion and feeling weighed down by stress.

As a Qualified Resource Therapist, Karen is trained to assist you through a process that connects you to parts that are holding big feelings, unwanted thoughts, undesired feelings or reactivity – the root of why you sought help. Karen helps you to target your life issues directly and in a gentle way.

There is less talking about the issues or lengthy history taking session after session. Like Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching, all you need to bring into the clinic space is a willingness and desire to change what you want in your life.

Karen will support you to connect to the Resource States that are trapped in the big feelings of emotional pain, guilt, shame, anger, betrayal and abandonment. She will support you to navigate through those other stuck emotions which empowers you with an opportunity to heal through validation, appreciation, expression, removal and relief.

It’s a powerful form of transpersonal and experiential psychotherapy.

I am passionate about helping people reach their true potential by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. I love being of service to those who choose to change and bloom from within 

Karen completed her training with Resource Therapy International‘s president, Philipa Thornton (President of Resource Therapy International.) Philipa states “Exclusive to us and inside each of us is a rich array of Resource States equipped to help out if called upon. Some are loving states, some are every day living states, some hold trauma trapped in flight or fight responses and others safeguard us from perceived harm.

Many of these states were formed in childhood. Sometimes situations trigger us. Where we respond with childhood coping strategies, not suited to the adult world. We may see Parts express inappropriate anger, rage, fear and the diversity of emotions we each feels in our every day world.

Even as we grow, some of our Resources remain locked in the past, caught up in the old ways of reacting connected to the original experience and emotional charge associate with it.

Resource Therapists call this the Initial Sensitizing Event. This is buried in our subconscious. As an adult most of us would be untroubled/ not bothered by it but to a child it is highly distressing and without attunement and care at the time can be traumatizing.

We can have parts that are scared of connection. When we experienced a parent less than loving at times and let’s face it every parent gets that chance, we may feel neglected, abandoned or unlovable. As adults we may struggle to with relationships and to form appropriate attachments.

Enacting our fears when someone gets close to us as anxiety bubbles up with this long held sense of unlovability. This Resource state feels and believes it is not good enough or deserving of love.

Another Resource state designed to protect you from these overwhelming feelings comes to the surface. It will ‘save the day’ behaving in ways that push others away or become a self fulfilling prophecy and board the self sabotage express as relationships are damaged.

A vicious cycle which your Resource Therapist is an expert at changing, giving you the life and love you want and everyone deserves.

Whatever it is you want to change, change can happen.

Resource Therapy is a brief Parts therapy, bounded in positive psychology.  Resource Therapy is based on the premise our personality is made up of multifaceted parts, rather than being a homogeneous whole. These parts (which we all have) are called our Resources and we each have many Resources available to help us.

Want a different perspective? Check out Disney Pixar (above) for a really clever take on our ‘Parts’. Watch the movie “Inside Out” here for a fun way to discover our different parts.

Perhaps you can relate!

Resource Therapy was developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson combining his knowledge of psychology, Ego State Therapy, Hypnosis and client experience. He states

   “In a therapeutic setting Resource Therapy (RT) is a finely crafted tool of precision that gives therapists the most direct access to the part of the personality that is experiencing the presenting issue and provides effective intervention methods in order to resolve them efficiently.

Thus Resource therapy addresses client’s issues in the most direct manner, with results being incredibly fast, effective, efficient and permanent.

As a multi modality practitioner I believe we have answered a call into the healing profession as we are drawn to helping people feel better and resolving their problems.

So if you’re wanting to address big feelings, clarifying confusion, or addressing pain, book a specialised change session.

3 Week RT Program ($395)

This program includes:

  • 3 x 60 minute Resource Therapy (RT) sessions
  • access to Calm Retreat online training portal
  • 1 bespoke transformational recording

I have created three session bundles to support you to find the right part that empowers you to steer your ship forward, as well as manage somatic pain in new ways. We then review your resource needs and capacity to move forward. 

Karen has achieved Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist status. Her CRT status is officially registered with Resource Therapy International. This means Karen is now qualified to provide you with transpersonal experiential psychotherapy.

We all experience stress in our lives, but when we feel like we’re stuck, fallen into a deep hole, we require assistance to reboot our belief system to be able to forge forward once again. Karen incorporates a combination of wellness coaching, hypnosis and intuitive meditation within her Resource Therapy sessions to work with your sub conscious to create powerful and positive changes.

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a qualified Clincal Resource Therapy Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy (with psychotherapy) Practitioner. She is also an experienced  Kinesiology Practitioner, Wellbeing Coach, Intuitive Meditation Teacher, published author, and self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker.

She combines all of her knowledge and experience of working with people for 20 years to support your change process and live your best life.

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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