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Karen is the founding practitioner at Blooming From Within. She has a myriad of qualifications and experience and provides a variety of both clinical services, online coaching courses, as well as tailored corporate services.

Within clinic, Karen provides kinesiology, wellness coaching, relaxation massage as well as NES services. Karen also provides business coaching services both face to face, as well as online.

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9 Wexford Close, Traralgon, VIC 3844

I acknowledge the Braiakaulung people of the Gunaikurnai nation, and, recognise them as the Traditional custodians of this magnificent land of which I live, work and ground. Additionally, I honour the people across the landmass known as Australia.

I deeply respect and pay homage to all Elders across time, honouring the gift that the spiritual connection that the Braiakulung people have with the Gunaikurnai country which cannot be broken.

I recognise sovereignty has never been ceded, and share the intention that true custodianship will be correctly honoured.

I see the deep love of and for country, the land, our shared environment and communities. May we all openly see and respect each other’s uniqueness whilst maintaining respect and understanding of our differences within our respective cultures.

I am humbly grateful to the custodians of the land we share, which has been so greatly nurtured by you, for my benefit and enjoyment. May I continue to learn with ease and grace, your evolving song line, which brings me to a place of quiet respect and understanding that unites us as we all bloom from within.