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Karen displays the features of her various Thrive Factor Archetype traits –

  • Mentor/Teacher – easilty learns new things and naturally acquires new knowledge for solution based outcomes
  • Pioneer/Seeker – she tries this things first, and teaches what she has learned
  • Liberator/Engineer – she is systems  and solution focussed and easily creates opportunities for participant freedom

Karen has a wealth of knowledge and has acquired a variety of qualifications and practical work experience.

Karen provides a variety of both clinical services, online coaching courses, as well as tailored corporate coaching services.

Within clinic, Karen provides kinesiology, wellness coaching, LEAP, TBM, NES, intuitive meditation and clinical hypnotherapy.

With more than 30 years of public speaking experience, Karen also provides business coaching services to groups and key note speaking at conferences.

Coaching Testimonials

I have been priviledged to hold space for 100s of new and emerging entreprenuers. Here’s what they have to say!

Mel Kaese - Emerge Mindset Hypnotherapy

My world has changed! I’ve always found the digital space confronting, both personally and business when it comes to social media.

A few hours with Karen, and the mind-mess has been removed. This woman is a goldmine of knowledge. If you need assistance, she is your ladyboss!

Thank you Karen. I’m damn grateful for your expertise!

Jacque Mooney - Simply The Brain

“Love the One Page Business Plan course, it’s amazing!

You are such a gift to everyone who is determined to raise their profile and understand better how to be seen in this crazy IT world!

Thank you for being you!

Sofia Cherry - Soul Fusion Therapies

Karen definitely is passionate about supporting everyone to blossom in their own unique way.

I admire her commitment to supporting other kinesiologists in their businesses through motivational support and webinars.

I highly recommend her mentoring processes.

Belinda Aditya - Kinesiology For Life

Thank you again for giving me the confidence to get started. I’d be interested in any future networking like this, it was absolutely fabulous.

I highly recommend Karen for her business coaching & tips. I have been able to learn what I needed to get started with confidence.

Karen has a lot of knowledge in this area & nothing was a problem for her, she is very organized & replies promptly. Thank you for everything you have taught me Karen, I have enjoyed being in the group environment with likeminded people.

Thank you for being you!

Megan McIntyre - Restored Balance Kinesiology

I successfully utilised Karen’s business mentoring services. Her approach to this work was exactly what I needed.

Her response time is very quick and advice is followed through so you know you are being cared for.

I thoroughly recommend her for Kinesiology and her business building tips/ mentoring is on point as well.

Ilona Diessner

Thank you Karen for having an idea and sharing it with us, for taking time to mentor is it’s been invaluable.

It’s spurred me on to help others set up fb business pages and get paid for it after having helped others in the past for love.

My stats are up already.

I have more people reading my posts and am getting new clients. I am wrapt. Thank you doesn’t sum up my gratitude.

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9 Wexford Close, Traralgon, VIC 3844

I acknowledge the Braiakaulung people of the Gunaikurnai nation, and, recognise them as the Traditional custodians of this magnificent land of which I live, work and ground. Additionally, I honour the people across the landmass known as Australia.

I deeply respect and pay homage to all Elders across time, honouring the gift that the spiritual connection that the Braiakulung people have with the Gunaikurnai country which cannot be broken.

I recognise sovereignty has never been ceded, and share the intention that true custodianship will be correctly honoured.

I see the deep love of and for country, the land, our shared environment and communities. May we all openly see and respect each other’s uniqueness whilst maintaining respect and understanding of our differences within our respective cultures.

I am humbly grateful to the custodians of the land we share, which has been so greatly nurtured by you, for my benefit and enjoyment. May I continue to learn with ease and grace, your evolving song line, which brings me to a place of quiet respect and understanding that unites us as we all bloom from within.