Business Mentoring Sessions

Change-ing Foundation Systems For Your Business

How often do you sit and really focus on how to build and strengthen the foundations of your business? Or do you simply bumble along and hope for the best?

Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring incorporates short focus work sessions using the Pomodoro study technique (check out this blog for more details). I also utilise a boutique combination of wellness coaching, meditation and hypnosis to allow you to deeply relax and get laser focussed on your list of things to do.

 We clear blockages. We get creative. You get stuff done. And we do this all through a regular zoom call.

During each session you can access content from within my industry association accredited  One Page Business Plan .

This style of mentoring allows participants to collaborate and instantly build their network. We also deep dive into all the areas you have questions and need a helping hand.

Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring includes regular live coaching calls (every six weeks).

Meet Kaz

Hello gorgeous colleague!

I’m Kaz Humphries. Also known as the Change Chick. I show you how to build the foundation of your business, and transition from student to successful practitioner.

After running multi-disciplinary teams and management systems for multi-national consulting firms, I launched my own business. Immediately filling my appointment books, using those same big picture philosophies.

That same business today, gives me the freedom to decide what my days look like, spend more time with my family, and live a balanced life jam packed with self care and love.

Two decades on, I combine working in my own clinical practice, as well as coaching other budding entrepreneurs to solidify their business foundation so they too can have continued success.

I’ve worked with students across a variety of industries, including health, wellness, parenting, marketing, and recruitment.

Do you want to be the next student success story?

Are you ready to start Change-ing Your

Business Foundations?

Some call me a work coach. Some fondly introduce me as their mentor. I could even step up as an experienced biz guide on trip advisor!

Perhaps what you’re seeking as a new and emerging practitioner is a work spouse!

Are you feeling alone working as a soloprenuer?

Perhaps you’re struggling to return to your business in the post-pandemic space? Have you lost your mojo a little, and uncertain how to return to your beautiful clients?

Maybe you’re a new graduate, and feel daunted or intimiated by the start up list?

Are you tired of trying to figure out everything on your own? Feeling a bit swamped by all the things you have to do, and don’t know where to start?

Are your foundational business accumen skills and systems robust?

By this I mean when you perform a task, do you have a system that enables you to repeat that action in the same or less time??

We all need someone to motivate, inspire and encourage us in our business!

WorkWives Mentorship & Collaboration Program

Are you ready, to migrate from tired to inspired?

What is a Change Coach?

Karen is a qualified multi-disciplined practitioner. Her passion to be of service to others runs deep. In fact her Thrive Factor Archteypes highlight that I’m an Inspired-Believer, Mentor-Teacher, Mentor-Diplomat, Pioneer-Seeker and Liberator-Engineer. That means I’m a powerhouse who walks her talk.

I love sharing what I’ve learnt – what works and what doesn’t. I show you what I do, the systems I use and the people I work with. In fact those people are just some of the guest speakers who join us at the live calls.

Think of my as your Work Wife – a co-worker or colleague who stands beside you through all the stuff. These relationships form tight bonds of mutual respect.


As a multi-modality practitioner and coach, my professional network is broad, and I’m not afraid to bring other faces into the fray. These network colleagues are my WorkWives!

We easily come together with common interests, passions and values. We have easily form bonds of trust because we all work from the heart. There’s no competition, just championing each other to success.

Often the WorkWife relationship can be characterized by high levels of disclosure, sharing, venting, and a safe place to seek refuge from your solopreneurship. It’s a safe place to be vulnerable, and seek counsel or support.

Having a collaborative mentor can be someone you go to for answers, share ideas, vent our your frustrations and build your network.

My Change-ing Business Foundations aims to provide you with a tribe, not just a coach. My aim is to share knowledge and how to use it.

Just like when I work in my clinic, everything that spoken and shared within my Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring maintains strict commercial confidence.

This means it’s somewhere you can confide about your biz wins, and challenges.

We can cheer you on throughout a planning session or a launch. You may become great mates, and it’s likely that we’re going to manage work challenges together.

Coach / Mentor / Collaborator / Workwife — call it what you want, are the people who get you through the day, the project, the technotarditis. These are the people who make the juggling of all the balls in the air a little easier.

My vision for Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring

  • boost your biz skills needed to create a solid foundation for your business
  • empower participants to never feel alone in their business
  • working in their business with confidence
  • support foundational business planning and goal setting
  • deep dive into the modules of my 1 Page Business Plan
  • explore Affiliate opportunities in order to get a lot more traffic/eyeballs to your sales
  • participate in Podcast Interviews to promote you and your beautiful business
  • create instant opportunities for social media sharing, and boosting SEO potential

    Change-ing Business Foundations

    Mentoring is available anytime.

    Simply contact Karen –

    Book a discovery call to determine whether she is the best fit for your current project.

    Stay tuned for dates for 2024 group program will be posted soon.

    Register your interest by emailing Karen at support@karenhumphries.net.au.  

    Do you tick any of the boxes?

    You’re new to your business and wanting to learn or upskill any of the following:

    ⭐ how to create the systems that generate consistent income

    ⭐️ how to build your network and visiblity

    ⭐ how to attract a steady stream of clients

    ​​⭐️ wanting to figure out how to juggle the never ending ‘to-do’ list

    Do you tick any of the boxes?

    ⭐️ wanting to boost the mindset of your confidence to move forward in your business

    ⭐️ need a mentor to keep you motivated or provide support as you learn something new

    ⭐want to work as part of a dynamic team instead of feeling like you are alone in business.

    I’m creating the invitation for all those new and emerging solopreneurs that want to run their own business (with a bit of loving support), from a place of balance.

    Joining Change-ing Business Foundations

    … gifts you that feeling of friendship and companionship. This can make a huge difference, especially at a stressful solopreneur job where you’re wearing all the hats.

    Everyone has days when they’re short on motivation.

    Business Foundations provides you with the connection that there’s someone there who’s in your corner, who can be the push you need to pick yourself up and return to the never ending ‘to do list’.

      Here’s an example

      I was working with a biz coaching client the other day who has almost finished her new professional qualification.
      She’s gearing up to launch her business and felt overwhelmed with the enormity of all the tasks to be done.
      Over breakfast we made a list. We explored all the overwhelm and dumped it into a notebook – so nothing got forgotten.
      I encouraged this gorgeous soul to take a breath and pause – and return to the centre of her heart. We’ve all been there, feeling intimidated by the sheer volume of things to be done.
      Over our meal, I started sharing my story of how I’ve envolved my business. This gave her two things – perspective and permission.
      Our interactive discussion began at the beginning. We kept things simple, and built quickly on the basics. Using this approach she naturally identified a few of the ‘must haves‘. My beautiful biz babe was stunned at the simplicity of my approach.
      Traditional coaching tends to be energetically masculine – the coach “tells” you what to do – and so often you struggle to  implement the advice because it simply doesn’t align with your heart.

      You can’t rinse and repeat when there is no alignment with your heart – it just doesn’t resonate. This means your attractor light won’t shine.

      I don’t tell you how to do your beautiful business in the health, wellness, wellbeing, or even spiritual space.
      My role is to support your journey back to your heart so that you can learn how illuminate your own heart spark, and keep shining your light with solid business accumen systems. I liken this to finding your own true north. I walk beside you.

      This is why I call myself a Change Facilitator & Coach.

      You see my collaboration & mentoring clients are heart felt biz peeps – they work outside the allied health mould. Their illuminated hearts answer their soul calling.

      What’s in this offer?

      Here’s your invitation!

      Each mentoring session is designed to enable you to gently and easily immerse into the back end of your business planning -any time, any where. The sessions include:

      • welcome + introduction
      • set intention for the session
      • work 2 focussed work cycles (yep 25 minutes work with a short refreshing break in between to clear the mind and reset your focus)
      • hypnotic meditation  + coaching to reset or clear any obstacles to your mindset and amplify the energy for your inner entrepreneur.
      • one final focus study cycle to finalise action list for implementation.

      Scheduled Dates – Each session will be conducted on a Friday at 1230pm AEST:

      • 26th January
      • 7th March
      • 19th April
      • 7th June
      • 12th July
      • 6th September
      • 18th October
      • 29th November

      Terms & Conditions

      This training program has been created to boost the confidence of the new and emerging solopreneur. It’s also a fabulous tool for those practitioners wishing to step up their game and small teams.

      Please do note the Terms & Conditions below before making your purchase.

      The following information endeavours to provide you with the Terms & Conditions of this Change-ing Business Foundations Mentoring (©2023 Karen Humphries). 

      Terms & Conditions

      Hello there! This website, www.karenhumphries.net.au, is owned and operated by Karen Humphries Trading As Blooming From Within (ABN 61 279 914 229). If you have any questions or need further information, please do feel free to contact Karen!

      Please note these Terms and Conditions before making your purchase. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations and I care about making sure we both know where we stand. When you visit this website (www.karenhumphries.net.au), use my services, or purchase my VIP products you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from me.

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      My Rights & Responsibilities

      I take lots of care to provide easily accessible and valuable information, but I cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information.

      Please be aware that in some circumstances, the generalised information (contained in appointments, blogs or programs) I provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

      There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services or products.

      Any testimonials and promised results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results.

      I may modify this information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice. I take every effort to advise current participants of online programs where information may change.

      Visitor Responsibilities

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      Care is taken to ensure all material provided via this web page is virus free and provided in a secure manner. All data collected and utilized pertaining to clients (including clinical sessions, referrals, any payment) is maintained in a confidential manner.

      Should you have any doubts or questions about the suitability of your participation within any of the offered services you are encouraged to email Karen.

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      I do not have 3rd party advertisements on my site.

      Business Foundations Mentorship Program

      The Change-ing Business Foundations Mentorship Program is a support mentorship that comprises of:

      • one 90 minute live call each month (recorded)
      • 20 minute guest speaker each month
      • access to templates
      • ask any question content platform

      The content is pitched for the new and emerging entrepreneur.

      The Change-Ing Business Foundations Mentorship Program is offered at $111/month or $666 lump sum.

      From time to time, this online product may be discounted, or included as a component of my One Page Business Plan training program.

      Specific Disclaimer for Business Foundations Mentorship Program

      I have 25 years experience in running my business and sharing tools which have worked for me with colleagues and clients. I have a range of clinical experience together with intellectual property developed for the various programs to service each paid participant.


      Every tool within the workspaces, available to membership clients, has been beta tested with other coaching clients, my administrator and moderator.


      Clients need to work at their own pace and comfort level. Across the programs and mentorship calls, I provide access to a large amount of information and associated material. I’m available to all participants during and after each program to respond (no charge) to short based queries (20-30 minute chats) or longer consultations can be booked utilizing my online booking system.

      Participants are responsible for downloading the material.

      Participants can choose to actively attend live calls or simply observe activities provided in the Private Group work spaces. Each participant then chooses how to identify priorities for implementation into their life.

      All program and product materials are to be downloaded to your device for your use only.

      Tech Issues

      I strongly recommend using a laptop or computer rather than hand held devices or phones to read all the literature and utilise the online programs and products.  This is because some files are large, and simply read better on a larger screen.

      Please note that some menu items within training portal or Telegram aren’t visible when using hand held devices such as a mobile phone.

      Clients who have no or limited previous social media experience may need to upskill quickly. Unless otherwise specified, training of these skills is not included.

      If the bulk of the online training audience are in this new knowledge space, I easily modify the first call or provide additional livestreams to fill the information gaps. Please do note, that none of my training programs teach you how to navigate, establish or maintain any social media platform. I can however share some brilliant links of how to acquire appropriate knowledge.

      All of my content is branded with my name and logo which distinguishes my products from the marketplace. Replication of this information is strictly prohibited.

      Intellectual Property

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      Payment Terms


      Payment for entry into any of the programs can be made via paypal (link provided via website), square or cash. Pre-payment for Change-ing Business Foundations Mentorship Program can be arranged via direct transfer, or Paypal or Square. or cash on the day of your appointment.


      Participation within any of the programs is only permitted once full fee or monthly subscription has been paid and confidentiality form has been signed.


      I do accept online payments via PayPal and Square/Paypal for all services. Please note that records of credit card details are not kept by Karen and are protected by encryption via the financial management service provider (Paypal and Square).

      Your personal information may also be stored with a third-party provider, where it will be managed under their security policy.

      Returns & Refunds


      Within all programs I share all my knowledge and lessons learnt with you. Working in a group enables faster transition of learning and implementation of skills. It’s like being in an online classroom!

      Working as a team can propel your creative mindset forward and support you to think outside the box.


      After you complete your financial purchase transaction you’ll be automatically directed to the exclusive relevant training portal or private Forum Group. The password allowing access is provided upon payment, and entry is yours to enjoy.

      Additionally you will receive emails with  my intellectual property including meeting schedules, meeting links, and content templates.

      Please allow up to 30 minutes for automations to function correctly after payment. If there is still nothing received, please contact Karen Humphries of failure of product delivery and manual access will be arranged.


      I do not offer a refund to clients who change their mind. There are a number of reasons for this.

      You can claim 12 Continuous Professional Education (CPE) Points with both Australian Institute Kinesiology (AIK) and Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA).

      To issue you with your CPE certificate, and as a component of the One Page Business Plan Program ‘course accreditation’, I must sight evidence of your work. Therefore you must submit (within 30 days of the completion of the six month program) your complete Business Plan using the template contained in the resource portal.

      I actively invite participants to make a celebratory post on their social media sites when they meet their target(s) – no matter how big or small. This enables active celebration and shout outs from within the WorkWives program community.

      The collaboration also offers the opportunities to participate in Podcast Interviews, which provides participant’s business in my own social media posts, thus providing you a visibility boost. 

      Therefore once your payment has been processed, you automatically receive access to the entire program or product (and therefore my intellectual property).

      I therefore encourage clients to choose carefully.

      If you have questions regarding your purchase, please do feel free to reach out so that we can have a quick 10-15 minute discovery call and determine your purchase is in fact the best fit for you.

      Whilst I do not offer a refund, I will offer to meet with the client (prefer face:face and offer zoom online meeting) to discuss their concerns. It is always my intention to identify and negotiate a win/win solution for all parties.

      Should you be dissatisfied after your purchase, please submit a request to discuss your concerns or issues in writing within 7 days of payment.

      Karen will then offer to host a half hour meeting to discuss your concerns and reach a suitable outcome.

      Specific Terms of Sale

      Please note the following terms of purchase:

      • Private Telegram group page or Fresh Learn platforms will be open for six months only after commencing confirmed payment.
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      You may not:

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      • Reproduce and tweak any part or whole of the paid program or product for distribution as Your own work.

      Are you ready to do so amazing planning work and kick start the next step of your business journey?

      Are you ready to start working smarter not harder?

      Are you ready to stop feeling lonely, and feel like you belong to a team?

      Are you ready to problem solve and support with others?

      Are you ready to make the best use of your precious time so you can concentrate on providing your beautiful unique service?

      Click the link below to make a great investment in yourself right now.

      Monthly five month installment $195 /month  or pay upfront only $750!

      Coaching Testimonials

      I have been priviledged to hold space for 100s of new and emerging entreprenuers. Here’s what they have to say!

      Mel Kaese - Emerge Mindset Hypnotherapy

      My world has changed! I’ve always found the digital space confronting, both personally and business when it comes to social media.

      A few hours with Karen, and the mind-mess has been removed. This woman is a goldmine of knowledge. If you need assistance, she is your ladyboss!

      Thank you Karen. I’m damn grateful for your expertise!

      Jacque Mooney - Simply The Brain

      “Love the One Page Business Plan course, it’s amazing!

      You are such a gift to everyone who is determined to raise their profile and understand better how to be seen in this crazy IT world!

      Thank you for being you!

      Sofia Cherry - Soul Fusion Therapies

      Karen definitely is passionate about supporting everyone to blossom in their own unique way.

      I admire her commitment to supporting other kinesiologists in their businesses through motivational support and webinars.

      I highly recommend her mentoring processes.

      Belinda Aditya - Kinesiology For Life

      Thank you again for giving me the confidence to get started. I’d be interested in any future networking like this, it was absolutely fabulous.

      I highly recommend Karen for her business coaching & tips. I have been able to learn what I needed to get started with confidence.

      Karen has a lot of knowledge in this area & nothing was a problem for her, she is very organized & replies promptly. Thank you for everything you have taught me Karen, I have enjoyed being in the group environment with likeminded people.

      Thank you for being you!

      Megan McIntyre - Restored Balance Kinesiology

      I successfully utilised Karen’s business mentoring services. Her approach to this work was exactly what I needed.

      Her response time is very quick and advice is followed through so you know you are being cared for.

      I thoroughly recommend her for Kinesiology and her business building tips/ mentoring is on point as well.

      Ilona Diessner

      Thank you Karen for having an idea and sharing it with us, for taking time to mentor is it’s been invaluable.

      It’s spurred me on to help others set up fb business pages and get paid for it after having helped others in the past for love.

      My stats are up already.

      I have more people reading my posts and am getting new clients. I am wrapt. Thank you doesn’t sum up my gratitude.

      Christina - Rosewood Healing

      Thank you for this course – I think what was best about it was that you shared your experiences of what works and what doesn’t (saving the new business owner many mistakes). 

      I also found it really beneficial to create my vision and mission statements.  They not only provide me with clarity, but a further heart connection to my business.

      Your additional feedback on my One Page Business Plan was appreciated and very beneficial. 

      Your good ideas just keep on coming!  Love it!  It really does pay to have unbiased objective feedback on your business.

      I hope others enjoy the course too.

      Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

      About Karen

      Change Facilitator

      Karen Humphries is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist, Kinesiology Practitioner, Wellness & Business Coach, LEAP, NES + TBM Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author.

      Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic who loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

      Karen sees the value in bringinh her tribe together for all to flourish.