Karen offers a boutique 90 minute monthly alchemy transformation experience to learn how to open, and work from your heart.

I have named this unique transformation experience ‘Heart Connection’. It’s offered as a Group experience.

Karen utilises a number of relaxation and healing modalities including Intuitive Heart Meditation, Wellness Coaching, Resource Therapy, NLP, and CBT to provide participants with a gentle and peaceful practice.

When we experience peace, we can break down resistance to change to restore calm in your life.

The combination of tools empowers participants to take a quantum leap in spiritual growth. When you activate the power of your natural born alchemy, you enable light charged transformation.

Heart Connection is a gorgeous way to gently release and cleanse negative emotions from your spiritual heart.

Regular practice of Heart Connection can support you to reduce your experience of stress and anxiety.

Activation of your heart spark helps you to feel calmer, more peaceful, and joyful in your daily life. This spark is your connection to your true source, god, universe, call it what you want.

Heart Connection is simple and can be practiced by virtually anyone.

Participants of Heart Connection report feeling

  • relaxed and chilled
  • “returned to their journey path”
  • “reminded of their ability to simply sit and breathe”

Intuition is a natural by-product of flowering of a mature self-esteem and a sense of empowerment – not power over, but power to be” – Caroline Myss

For the last few years, I’ve worked consistently on my work:life balance. I have used intuitive meditation (amongst other tools)  on a daily basis for over ten years to activate my heart spark, combat stress and anxiety, and best of all listen to my intuition.

This daily practice has enabled me to install a circuit breaker into my old stress patterns. The more often you pause the old unwanted habit, the faster you create desired change in your life.

Implementing a daily practice of Heart Connection, I have overcome many of the challenges of life including:

  • to know who I am
  • to understand why I am here
  • to make sense of why things happen
  • to hear and connect to my wisdom
  • to nourish myself energetically

Types of Intuition

There are three types of intuition:

implicit – a knowing from your own experience and lessons, a perception you’ve done something before, perhaps even a subconscious repeat.

energetic sensitivity – humans are electromagnetic and therefore able to intuit information through fields of energy.

This means we interact with each other’s energy fields where ever we go.

This also means when we work as a group, we amplify each other, magnifying our capacities for change.

non local intuition – references our capacity to understand what we need in any given moment. Our heart is the internal capacitor to transmutation energetic information from source.

This means when working as a group, we access our alchemy (the term “alchemy” is often used metaphorically to describe processes of transformation and transmutation in fields such as science, psychology, and spirituality).

So the practice of Heart Connection aligns us to universal source energy with your internal capacity to see, hear, feel and know energetically coded information.

For some time, Spirit has been calling for me to share this incredible modality of Heart Connection with you. The opportunity, timing and space have finally aligned.

Am I helping myself by being of service in this way – YES

Can I nurture my soul by holding space for myself and others – YES

Do you want a taste of what it feels like to ignite your heart spark?  YES

Want to connect with who you really are? YES

Are you in need of someone to guide you on a path from your head to your heart? YES

Are you searching for hidden parts of you that make you feel whole, secure and comfortable? YES

I am a joy seeker and heart guide. I invite you to join me and get curious about the journey steps you are taking.

Come join me in Heart Connection, and together we shall walk the path forward.


Heart Connection has allowed me to unlock a side of me that I never thought was possible. These regular sessions have enabled me to connect with my authentic self in such a safe space.

- Michelle

Create a world of possibility not probability – let your heart be the guide!


I understand the need to release those old unwanted stories that no longer serves you. Let me assure you that as you reconnect with your heart, in doing so you gain the confidence to share more of your true authentic self with the world.

The more self discovery work that I do both personally and professionally, the more I realise “I AM ENOUGH” is accessible for everyone.

This is a powerful realisation, mantra and ideal way to live life.

It’s also a priviledge to share this experience and growth with others.

 Do you want this for yourself as well?

Are you tired of settling for only calming yourself when stressed? Or are you ready to make significant life steering journey?

I adore holding space for small intimate group gatherings. The more I embrace my feminine magic, the more permission I share with others to do the same.

I share tools and rituals such as heart connection meditation to get out of your head and regularly take the journey to your heart space.

My offering to you is an invitation for you to join me for more than just a bit of self-nurture  and spiritual growth in a safe space.

There’s something absolutely magical working in a group of women, nurturing and holding space for each other.

You get to experience your own energy and magnify the experience as you connect to like-minded souls.

Want to know more? 

I feel so safe in these Heart Connection sessions. Safe enough to tap into my emotions and comfortably release. I didn’t know it was coming, this is the most authentic I have ever felt.

As soon as I walk into every session, I am instantly calmed.

- Skye

How often do you visit your heart zone?

Are you consistently activating your self-love?

How do you nurture yourself?

Is it time for a bit of self-pampering that revs up your heart space and allows your soul to soar?

Are you seeking more than calm moments? Perhaps a less stressful approach to life?

Sure a massage or magnesium float relaxes the body. But what about attending to the needs of your soul?

I am listening to the call of self-nurture. I am hearing and feeling the need to join a circle once more.

I am called to unite those also inspired to fuel that flames deep within.

I am continuing to host monthly intimate sacred circle gatherings to enable those inspired to harness the energy of the tribe to –

🧘‍♀️Make connections back to self and other like-minded souls

🧘‍♀️Clear the pathway out of the head and back to your heart

🧘‍♀️ Experience all the feels of gentle deep work in a safe space

🧘‍♀️ Find the answers to the questions circling your mind

🧘‍♀️ Learnt to work with feminine oracle cards

🧘‍♀️ Nurture self by soothing the soul with guided meditation and journalling

🧘‍♀️ Foster proactive transformation using wellness coaching, NLP and hypnotic change in your subconscious.

I can’t put a dollar figure on all that I have received from these incredible Heart Connection Sessions. I have found myself!!

- Ashlee

What does one bring to meditation?

🧘‍♀️ Comfy light coloured clothes!

🧘‍♀️ A lightweight blanket

🧘‍♀️ Journal & pen

🧘‍♀️ Meditation cushion (don’t stress if you don’t have this, the sacred space that we are using has a variety of seating)

Be sure to bring an open mind and an intention to connect with your heart!

Sessions during 2024 will expand your Annual Intention. Workbooks and journal prompts are provided.

Your Investment

Click the link below to purchase your seat in the circle. You will then receive an email confirming your attendance and what to bring.

Please note there are only 10 seats in the circle for each session. The dates for the 2024 program are now available.

Next session Sunday 18th February 2024.

If you feel so inclined and want to gather your own tribe, school or workplace, talk to me for special arrangements.

Each Heart Connection session will be a 90-minute investment of your time and incorporates Intuitive Heart Meditation, hypnotherapy, resource therapy, NLP and wellness coaching skills.

The energy exchange to participate is only $57 for each 90 minute session. Annual bundle tickets are available.

Purchase your ticket using the button below.

Bookings are essential

Please note that tickets must be purchased before every session, and will not be sold on the day of the event. You can choose to fully invest in an annual bundle or purchase your ticket each month.

Please note the bundle offer is pay up front to receive a free month.

Pay as you go

Dates for the Heart Connection sessions are held on Sundays:

January 21st

February 18th

March 17th

April 28th

May 26th

July 28th

August 25th

Septeember 22nd

October 27th

Heart Conection Venue

I am so excited to confirm that each Heart Connection session will continue to be offered at the incredible 65 Queens (65  Queens Parade Traralgon)!

There are only 5 parking spots onsite.

Sharing our respect for neighbours, there is an abundance of parking on the oval side of Hickox Street (literally right around the corner) – not in front of residential homes.

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a qualified Intuitive Meditation Facilitator. She is also an experienced  Kinesiology Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Health & Business Coach, published author, and self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker.

Karen is completing studies in Resource Therapy, DBT, CBT and Internal Family Systems.

She learnt to use meditation with other modalities to recover from a traumatic experience, and fell in love with the modality so much she is learnt to teach it!

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland