What is Intuitive Meditation?

Allow me to invite you to join me in taking a journey inward through embodied practice which can reach every area of your life. It merely requires you begin to follow and trust in your own intuition. This is a calm and inward focused practice of self-love and acceptance  which offers you a deeper sense of gratitude and love in your life.

Intuitive Meditation is a ‘scientific and philosophical based’ method of Meditation to access and connect with your own intuition with trust and courage to follow your heart’s truth (your soul voice / your inner guidance).

Connecting to your heart’s truth allows you to stay present and be guided from our intuition with trust and clarity/certainty. The aim of this deeper connection is to bring your intuition into your day to day life, not just only in your meditation time.

Through this method you quieten the monkey mind with breathing practices to become still and to activate your own intuition, from within your heart truth!

As you follow the breath into your heart space, here you meet your higher self through connecting with your intuition in its highest form.

Intuitive Meditation isn’t what you initially think – that you need to become quiet or zen like.

It’s actually a soothing practice for your nervous system, to bring you into the present moment so that you remain resilient and point your true north.

It’s a gentle self care tool that everyone can easily adapt into their day, regardless of your age.

Traditional Meditation

Meditation is the practice used to calm your mind from the mental chatter, to empower you to feel calmer and at peace.

Research has prove that meditation is a fabulous tool to invokve relaxation and it’s been proven to:

  • provide access to your subconscious and inner knowing
  • lower anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • provide clarity and improve focus
  • ease depression
  • raise your energetic vibration
  • improve happiness in the present moment
  • support maintaining a healthy immune system.

There are many types of meditation including:

  • breath
  • visualisation
  • guided
  • silent
  • mantra / prayer
  • movement (ie yoga)
  • heart connection

“Meditation is a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind, so you can access your sub-conscious mind” – Dr Joe Dispenza

The HeartMath Institute explains that the heart space is beyond anything we can see, and enables us to energetically correct our electromagnetic field.

When you regularly work within the energy of your heart space, you connect with your own unique, self-love language. Activating your heart spark, allows you to detach from the myriad of thoughts and connect with the “aha” moment that drops you down through time into the present moment.

Illuminating your heart spark can be likened to learning to point to your own true north!


“I initially studied meditation with Debbie Rossi, to overcome an incredibly stressful time in my life. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever anticipated the gifts this practice would continue to bring both myself, and my beautiful clients.”

Principles of Meditation

 There are five principles to provide a structure in any session. They include:

  • intention
  • breath
  • heart space connection
  • inner guidance / intuition
  • grounding & centering

Karen provides a range of guided intuitive meditation services including:

  • Meditation during a kinesiology session
  • group meditation classes
  • heart connection meditation
  • corporate meditation services to manage stress and improve performance. 

Perhaps you’re seeking support to

🧘‍♀️Make connections back to self and other like-minded souls

🧘‍♀️Clear the pathway out of the head and back to your heart

🧘‍♀️ Experience all the feels of deep work in a safe space

🧘‍♀️ Find the answers to the questions circling your mind

🧘‍♀️ Nurture self by soothing the soul with guided meditation and journalling.

What does one bring to meditation?

Comfy light coloured clothes! 

A lightweight blanket

Journal & pen

Meditation cushion (don’t stress if you don’t have this, the sacred space that we are using has a variety of seating)

Be sure to bring an open mind and an intention to connect with your heart!

All meditation programs for 2023 have been completed. For information regarding 2024 the Heart Meditation program, visit the Heart Connection page.

If you are an employer, Karen can specifically tailor meditation services for you and your team.  Please complete the form below detailing your requirements. Karen will be in touch shortly.

Always remember you can choose to change and bloom from within, from the magic of your heart!

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Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker. She learnt to use meditation with other modalities to recover from a traumatic experience, and fell in love with the modality so much she is learning to teach it!

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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