‘Sustainable’ is a self paced learning program that guides the new and emerging entrepreneur to identify, create, implement + empower ease and grace into your daily business life.

Unlock ways to make your secret sauce shine!

Karen has specifically designed this learning opportunity for new and emerging business owners.

Karen offers a range of self paced resources for her clients and audience.


Sustainable You

Self paced learning program

Karen’s Sustainable You Self Paced Learning Program covers the following:

Clarify what is your secret sauce

What does it mean to hold space for yourself and others

Tips for self assessment and life auditing

Organise your self care

Smash your self care road blocks

Claim your sacred space

Get and stay grounded

Sacred Rituals

Bonus Meditative Affirmations included!


Do you tick any of the boxes?

Are you new to your business, or trying to grow it but hitting a wall? Feeling flat? Do you tick any of the following?

⭐ do you feel energetically drained when working with clients at the end of the day?

⭐️ do you struggle to stay focussed when working in your beautiful business?

⭐ are you struggling to maintain the dream you have for your business?

​​⭐️ is your self belief or confidence feeling strained

⭐ are you ready to explore some coaching skills but not quite ready to work with a coach 1:1️

⭐require a mentor to provide you with motivation and support as you step forward

I’m creating the invitation for all those seeking a fresh view of their business life, together with a new self care ritual skill set.

Self paced learning

… gifts you the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills at your pace and preferred time.

Karen recognises that not everyone is awake and active at 5am!

Over the last 20 years, Karen has provided a range of of support programs for her clients.

With the advancement of technology and her understanding of people’s individual capacity to acquire new knowledge, Karen recognises that people actually love self paced learning.

The beauty of all of Karen’s self paced programs is that you have life time access. You can return to the knowledge content at any time.

    What’s in this offer?

    What’s included in the invitation?

    ‘Sustainable’ Self Paced Learning Program provides you with lifetime access to the following:

    ♥  six modules 

    ♥  videos + workbooks 

    ♥ journal prompts

    ♥ meditative affirmations + audio recordings

    All contained within my online learning portal.

    Terms & Conditions

    This training program has been created to boost identify and learn how to manage your stress. I’ve presented a number of strategies to boost your resilience skills.

    Please do note the Terms & Conditions below before making your purchase.

    The following information endeavours to provide you with the Terms & Conditions of this ‘Sustainable’ Self Learning Program (©2023 Karen Humphries). 

    Terms & Conditions

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    'Sustainable' Self Paced Learning Program

    The ‘Sustainable’ Self Paced Learning Program is a stand alone training tool that enables the participant to work at their own pace and time.

    The program includes:

    • Six modules
    • Pre-recorded videos + Workbook
    • Journal Prompts
    • Bonus Meditative Affirmations

    The ‘Sustainable’ Self Paced Learning Program is offered at a once off purchase price of $111.

    From time to time, this online product may be discounted, upon advertisement.

    Specific Disclaimer for 'Sustainable' Self Paced Learning Program

    I have 25 years experience in running my business and sharing tools which have worked for me with colleagues and clients. I have a range of clinical experience together with intellectual property developed for the various programs to service each paid participant.


    Every tool within the workspaces, available to membership clients, has been beta tested with other coaching clients, my administrator and moderator.


    Participants and clients need to work at their own pace and comfort level. Across the programs and mentorship calls, I provide access to a large amount of information and associated material. I’m available to all participants during and after each program to respond (no charge) to short based queries (10-15 minute chats) or longer consultations can be booked utilizing my online booking system.

    Participants are responsible for downloading the material.

    Participants can choose when and how they will work thorugh the course content.

    All program and product materials are to be downloaded to your device for your use only.

    Tech Issues

    I strongly recommend using a laptop or computer rather than hand held devices or phones to read all the literature and utilise the online programs and products.  This is because some files are large, and simply read better on a larger screen.

    Please note that some menu items within training portal aren’t visible when using hand held devices such as a mobile phone.

    Clients who have no or limited previous social media experience may need to upskill quickly. Unless otherwise specified, training of these skills is not included.

    If the bulk of the online training audience are in this new knowledge space, I easily modify the first call or provide additional livestreams to fill the information gaps. Please do note, that none of my training programs teach you how to navigate, establish or maintain any social media platform. I can however share some brilliant links of how to acquire appropriate knowledge.

    All of my content is branded with my name and logo which distinguishes my products from the marketplace. Replication of this information is strictly prohibited.

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    Payment Terms


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    Returns & Refunds


    Within all programs I share all my knowledge and lessons learnt with you. The Self Paced Learning Modules including Resilient, Sustainable, One Page Business Plan enables transition of learning and implementation of skills in the comfort of your own home. It’s like being in an online classroom!


    After you complete your financial purchase transaction you’ll be automatically directed to the exclusive relevant training portal. The password allowing access is provided upon payment, and entry is yours to enjoy.

    Additionally you will receive emails with  my intellectual property including meeting schedules, meeting links, and content templates.

    Please allow up to 30 minutes for automations to function correctly after payment. If there is still nothing received, please contact Karen Humphries of failure of product delivery and manual access will be arranged.


    I do not offer a refund to clients who change their mind. This is because once your payment has been processed, you automatically receive access to the entire program or product (and therefore my intellectual property). I therefore encourage clients to choose carefully.

    If you have questions regarding your purchase, please do feel free to reach out so that we can have a quick 10-15 minute discovery call and determine your purchase is in fact the best fit for you.

    Whilst I do not offer a refund, I will offer to meet with the client within 30 days of purchase to discuss where the product has not met your needs, and work through your responses to the self paced learning.

    The purpose of this discussion allows you to raise concerns with evidence of your homework, and negotiate a win/win solution if there is no satisfaction after purchase.

    Specific Terms of Sale

    Please note the following terms of purchase:

    • You have a life time access to the traiing material, for as long as it’s posted live.
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    • Should you change your mind and cancel your monthly subscription, your access to the portal will be removed.
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    You may not:

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    • Reproduce and tweak any part or whole of the paid program or product for distribution as Your own work.

    Are you ready to do life with ease and grace?

    Are you ready to try some new tools and strategies to create beautiful rituals to live your best life?

    Are you ready to take a fresh look at your self care lifestyle?

    Click the link below to make a great investment in yourself right now.

    Only $111 for lifetime access.

    Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

    About Karen

    Change Facilitator

    Karen Humphries is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist, Kinesiology Practitioner, Wellness & Business Coach, LEAP, NES + TBM Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author.

    Karen is a self-confessed laughaholic who loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

    Karen sees the value in bringinh her tribe together for all to flourish.