How’s your vibe?

Karen offers a range of methods to assess your vibrational field and bio-energetic frequency in relation to the quality of your energy systems. Whether it be kinesiology (muscle monitoring) or body scans using the resonance of your voice, both incororate a measure of your unique vibration

What is NES Health?

NES Health is the leader in bioenergetics: the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. They spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body. Collectively, these are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity.

When this field is underpowered or distorted, it’s unable to run the body in an optimal way and the body’s cells and systems may begin to fail. Symptoms often begin with simply feeling tired, but they can continue into just about any known health problem. When we improve function of the body-field, and we combine this with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the body’s incredible healing system can take over and begin restoring the body to health.

The NES Health system involves three steps:


1)  Assess the Energetic Vibrational  Body-Field – Karen uses the NES scanning technology to provide you with a holistic wellness report in just seconds. A scan can be requested for extended sessions.

Karen runs ‘live call’ zoom sessions for NES clients wanting to be curious and proactive with their health and wellbeing. You perform you remote voice scan, and Karen provides coaching and explanations at the live calls. She will help you deep dive into the enormity of information in the scan reports.

Please note that this isn’t a medical assessment, but a snapshot of your vibrational energy system in that moment of the scan. The assessment of your body’s vibrational energetic systems associated with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems.

Remember this is not diagnostic tool, but does gift you with an indication (just like kinesiology) of possible stress.

More importantly, this approach looks for the underlying stress so we can address health challenges from their roots with their vibrational frequency solutions.

Karen organises a voice assessment to be performed remotely. Karen will immediately receive a copy of your scan results.

You can arrange an appointment with Karen to go through your scan report or you can join the group vibrational energy live calls.

You have the choice to purchase the recommended infoceutical remedies (to activate energetic distortions) which will be shipped directly to your home.


2) Unblock and Rejuvenate – If you work together in person, Karen’s service includes the use of the exciting NES miHealth device.

This unique device uses PEMF technology with NES Health’s proprietary field correction signals. We can also work “on body” with smart bioelectric stimulation that uses real-time biofeedback to give your body vibrational signals of exactly what it needs. This can yield a lot of fast results. We also use it to clear away energy blocks and begin to rejuvenate your energy field.


3) Restore Correct Information – Finally, Karen can provide you with liquid saline remedies called Infoceuticals.

These help to optimize the body-field’s energy levels and information flow so that proper communication takes place. A healthy body is all about energy and communication.

These remedies have helped thousands of people around the world, and they are simple to take by putting some drops into water and drinking the water.

New Remote Voice Assessments

I am excited to announce that clients can now perform their own remote voice assessment from the comfort of their own home!

Go here to locate registration link.

I have tailored the signup mechanism below to allow you to register directly within the online assessment Portal, and then perform your own remote voice assessment and access to your report. We can easily incorporate your assessment results at your next kinesiology appointment.

Should you wish to explore your vibrational assessment report, Karen can provide an additional half hour to dig deep and gain an understanding of your vibrational energetic story.

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There is a broad range of infoceuticals to correct distortions in your bioenergetic field.

You can simply purchase from the range of ‘feel-good‘ infoceutical range.

Biocell – Biocell Infoceutical can be used for general cellular fatigue rejuvenation and energising. This can be used anywhere there is tissue fatigue. Generally stimulates areas where fatigue is present.

CFI (Cold Flu Immunity) – can support the body’s natural ability to recover from cold & flu symptoms. May provide relief from fatigue, promote drainage, and re-tune cellular function.

Chill – can encourage a calm mental state, and the releasing of emotional and sensory data. May be helpful when suffering from constant, long-term stress.

Day – Provides energetic support for the body to work with hydration as well as hydrogen and oxygen supply to the tissues. May engender a feeling of being more ‘awake’ during the day. Matches exclusively to many positive emotions for an optimistic and energized outlook during daytime.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) – can help correct energetic imbalances from radiation exposure. May help improve your ability to deflect electromagnetic fields.

Energy (previously called Source) can enhance the availability to utilise source energy for physical activity. May be useful when energetically depleted due to chronic illness, mental exhaustion, stress, toxic exposure, malnutrition, or poor breathing.

ESR (Emotional Stress Release) can support the release of emotional stress, soothes the digestive tract, and may assist in the absorption of nutrients.

Fat Metabolism can help to correct and normalize liver function, hormonal activity, and metabolism of fat. Can support the nervous system and may encourage appetite regulation.

Female can support female endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Supports the promotion of confidence, willpower, social warmth, and wellbeing.

Heart Driver can help with decision-making processes, mental clarity and integration, identity, self esteem and the regulation emotions.

Heart Imprinter can energetically enhance the heart’s ability to imprint nervous system information onto the bloodstream. Supports the re-establishment of the head-heart connection, promoting mental clarity and a positive emotional outlook.

Love can promote feelings of unity and unconditional love for oneself and others. Supports personal transformation, and helps to clear the crown chakra.

Male can help support the correct male endocrine function to enhance social abilities, attractiveness, sexual function, and charisma. Also promotes confidence, willpower, social warmth, and wellbeing.

Nerve Driver support nervous system to help your body deal with stress. Helps to shed toxins, calm the system, and aid in your ability to get a restful sleep.

Night Matches to the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs rest and repair. Helps to protect against electromagnetic radiation and artificial light pollution while you sleep. Also helps the body sync with natural circadian rhythms and produce melatonin and DHEA at night.

Peace can promote a calm mental state, mental clarity, and honesty with oneself. Enhances the head-heart connection to resolve conflicts between emotions and logical thought, as well as memories that have caused disharmony.

Polarity can aid in correcting energetic distortions brought on by air travel, over-exposure to electromagnetic fields, chronic illness and geopathic stress. May assist in physical and emotional detoxification. Particularly useful for jet lag.

Rejuv can help rejuvenate the body after sports, strenuous physical activity, physical injury, impact or shock. Aids in tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, muscle tone. May ease muscle strains, swelling, and trauma. May be applied topically in injured areas.

Sleep can promote balanced sleep cycles and regulation of your body’s natural rhythms. May have a harmonizing affect on the body’s entire energetic system.

Youth can address ageing of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as age increases. May have an effect on melatonin production, help correct the effects of radiation from the sun and other sources, ease electro-sensitivity for all ages, senility, mental confusion in older people, poor sleep due to melatonin deficiency, degeneration of tissues, and X- ray exposure.

Want to know more?

Here are some videos to explain how remote frequency assessments work. 

Bioenergetics Documentary

In this documentary, see just how transforming the body’s energy systems can be. Hear from practitioners and their clients, how working with vibrational energy systems took their practice and their health to the next level, along with learning how Co-Founder, Harry Massey’s battle with Chronic Fatigue became the fuel for him to help the rest of humanity regain their wellness.

Running time: 56:30


An Introduction to Mi Health

In this video, you’ll hear all about the background and benefits of using the miHealth, from Olympic athletes, clients, doctors, and the energtic system creator Co-Founder, Harry Massey himself.

Running time: 9:40


Mi Health Testimonials

Practitioners and clients discuss their remarkable results and experiences using the Mi Health.

Running time: 13:06


The Body Is Your Best Doctor!

Running time: 13:23

I have tailored my online booking system to allow you to perform a remote voice assessment and access to your report. We can easily incorporate these assessment results at your next kinesiology appointment.

Should you wish to explore your energetic vibration assessment report, Karen can provide an additional half hour to dig deep and gain an understanding of your bioenergetic story.


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