What’s on offer?

What services are offered?

As an integrated health practitioner, Karen offers a diverse range of solution orientated services to empower individuals and groups of people to make positive changes in their life.

Personalised Services include:

♥  Kinesiology (including Wellness Coaching),

♥  Business Mentoring & Training,

♥  Vibrational Energy Assessments (NES Health),

♥  Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis,

♥  Intiuitive Meditation.

Need a little support or love the feeling of belonging to a tribe? Those wishing to embark on a spiritual journey will love the group membership called Above & Beyond.

For new and emerging soloprenuers wanting to belong to a team whilst evolving their business then the new Mentorship program entitled Work Wives will be for you.

Karen recognises that everyone learns and evolves at their own pace and time. She offers a range of online pre-recorded training programs.

Resource Support

Karen recognises that change takes time, and often requires a little home support. There are a range of products that Karen may offer you which muscle test as useful for your change process.

This may include, but not be limited to:


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