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Corporate Services…

Karen is the founding practitioner at Blooming From Within. She has a myriad of qualifications and experience and provides a variety of both clinical services, online coaching courses, as well as tailored corporate services.

Within clinic, Karen provides kinesiology, wellness coaching, relaxation massage as well as NES services. Karen also provides business coaching services both face to face, as well as online.

Karen is also presently supporting her industry association in creating the service delivery of a suite of webinar programs for members to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPE). This program incorporates the preparation of policy, procedures, templates, instructions for presenters, marketing and administration for the Association to implement.

Karen utilises all of her skills from 25+ years work experience, when supporting anyone (regardless of individual, groups or corporate sessions). For group activities, she draws upon her corporate experiences, utilising her audit and investigation skills. As a ‘Change Facilitator’, Karen loves to drill down through your systems to identify root cause(s) of challenges, and create support changes for both the individual and organisation.

When presenting and working with groups, Karen incorporates 30+ years of public speaking experience to engage audiences of any size, gender and background. No group is too big or small and we are all capable of ‘choosing to change and bloom from within’.

Karen’s corporate services extend to the following:

  • Facilitated ‘stress management’ training programs (both face to face and online);
  • Informal workshops;
  • ‘resilience’ and ‘motivation’ programs and content for workplace intranet;
  • Creation of online content for ‘wellbeing programs’;
  • Corporate NES Scan & Assessment programs for onsite staff (ie health checks);
  • 1:1 corporate facilitated change sessions to support staff in working at their optimum;
  • CEO / management transition programs; and
  • Development & delivery of online webinar programs for Continuing Professional Development (CPE) for industry associations.

Please note programs and content can easily be tailored to identify your specific organisational needs. Please contact me directly to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and discuss your needs and assess where we can align.

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