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What is Massage Therapy?

Karen is a qualified therapeutic massage therapist (please note not remedial qualified). Karen has studied and practiced the techniques of swedish massage, which is a more superficial massage that improves blood and lymph circulation and relaxes you. While it is good for your body and mind, it is not aimed at shifting the underlying structures of the body that may cause pain and restrictions.

As a qualified NES Practitioner, she utilises her Mi-Health device for these problematic areas of the body.

Karen has undertaken training to provide limited deep tissue massage techniques, whereby a deeper pressure and cross-fiber friction can be applied. This enables tissue that is adhered or in spasm to release, which is certainly therapeutic. However, you can often feel fatigued or even sore the next day.

Karen often receives requests at the end of a kinesiology session to include massage since people feel so calm and relaxed. The two modalities combined achieve a wholistic overall deeply satisfying sense of relaxation and internal stillness, without having to be pummelled or pull up stiff the next day! Often this is achieved in a two hour session.





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