Nurture Yourself Workshop


Nurture Yourself Workshop

This is a self paced learning immersion into nurturing yourself, participating in a combination of heart meditation and learning self hypnosis to manage your present day stress. Learn how to gift yourself a boost on a regular basis and thrive in life.

Upon payment receive a stress checklist and calculate your stress score.

Learn how to measure your stress response within your body, listening to how your nervous system responds to the world.

Learn how to soothe your frayed nerves with easy to use meditation and self hypnosis tools.

Immerse quietly and gently back to a space of calm and nurtured.

Take charge of mothering yourself.


Nurture Yourself

Karen is a professional Change Coach with qualifications in Wellness Coaching, Kinesiology, Intuitive Meditation and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Karen is passionate about supporting her change tribe with variety of self help tools that empower her clients.

Karen runs monthly in person Heart Meditation sessions, as well as a clinical practice.

This session has been specifically designed to empower participants to mother themselves. By this I mean improve your capacity to self care, self soothe, and sedate your nervous system. 

We can all use a little nurturing.


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