A Calm Retreat


The 4 module Virtual Calm Retreat aims to:

  • Prioritise Your Well-being,
  • Restore Your Calm,
  • Revitalise Your Energy Systems,
  • Recalibrate Your Nervous System!

There are four modules, each includes a :

  • workbook which includes affirmations, quotes, and journal prompts;
  • video presentation;
  • hypnotic meditative recording; and
  • additional bonus exercises to boost your calm practice.


Is it time to immerse into a virtual Calm Retreat?

Walk the path to calm once more with 4 x weekly 60 minute sessions and a support portal packed with goodies to soothe your nerves.

I don’t know about you, but Life over the last couple of years has thrown us some curve balls that have left many with an arm full of big emotions.

For many this has generated feelings of overwhelm, out of control, worry, frustration and even anger.

These aren’t just thoughts that swirl around inside our mind, they are also feelings that we experience and store within our bodies.

Feeling inexplicably tired or fatigued lately?

Have you been unwell and just don’t seem to be bouncing back like you normally do?

When was the last time you actually felt normal? Relaxed? Calm?

Hands up if you’re feelings centre alarm just sounded!

Ready to take control of your calm?

The reality is that we’ve all experienced-

● An economy rollercoaster that is challenging the hip pocket

● World stage health campaigns with messages missing references to hope

● Societal expectations that parenting is a cakewalk and we should be able to do it all (without a nervous breakdown!)

● Caring for our loved ones and keeping them safe during times of global uncertainty

● Balancing the demands of work and home

● Keeping up with self-care… Wait. What’s that?

(Hot tip: one bubble bath isn’t going to make you feel better, sis).

Let’s be honest, it’s been a lot to contend with.

Even the most robust and resilient of us have felt frayed around the edges.

If we’re not careful, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm can take over.


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