Mentoring Business Voucher


Business Mentoring Voucher – My Vision!

My dream is to share, through live calls, coaching that enables you to feel empowered to do what you do best. The perfect coaching session feels like you’ve been nurtured, not bossed around. My vision of mentor incorporates co-working where ideas are created and shared. There’s a high vibe and together we clear out any cobwebs or obstacles that create procrastination. We gather regularly, but not too frequently. There’s consistency without pressure. Purchase as many vouchers as you need to get your planning nailed for 2024.

Do you struggle to maintain momentum to tick all the things off your to-do list?

Imagine for a moment, how your productivity and confidence could rise if you worked alongside a mentor and colleagues.

Imagine how you could stomp on procrastination if you could have someone by your side to explore, discuss, design, create and deliver all those things you’re dreamed about in your business.

Imagine being able to finally implement those things that makes your heart sing to your beautiful clients and audience.

Join me, Kaz Humphries, an accredited business mentor with AIK + KANZ to participate in co-working sessions.

How does a session work?

Each mentoring session is designed to enable you to gently and easily immerse into the back end of your business planning -any time, any where. The sessions include:

  • welcome + introduction
  • set intention for the session
  • work 2 focussed work cycles (yep 25 minutes work with a short refreshing break in between to clear the mind and reset your focus)
  • hypnotic meditation + coaching to reset your abundant positive mindset, or clear any obstacles to your ability to amplify the energy for your inner entrepreneur to shine.
  • one final focus study cycle to finalise action list for implementation.

We all need someone to motivate, inspire and encourage us in our business!

Let's face it, we juggle a lot of tasks when running our beautiful biz and can always utilise a set of fresh eyes for:

  • build and utilise your network
  • identify and budget ongoing professional development
  • build and market your brand
  • create realistic targets that are achievable and realistic
  • identify your secret sauce!

Scheduled Dates 

Each session will be conducted on a Friday at 1230pm AEST:

  • 26th January
  • 7th March
  • 19th April
  • 7th June
  • 12th July
  • 6th September
  • 18th October
  • 29th November



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