There’s an abundance of literature and information publicly available today, sprouting the best way to set goals. But I’d argue that the best NYE resolution or intention will fail without some decent preparation.

In his 2016 article, David Fleming wrote, “Here’s a secret to achieving big results: You achieve a big result not by focusing your current action on the big result, but by focusing your current action on the preliminary conditions that get you ready for the big result.

Fleming’s article focused on the preparation associated with the goal set. I think there’s a little more to goal setting myself. I believe, that in order to literally sit down and write down your goal you have to be able to create it in your mind first. You have to be able to:

  • dream it;
  • believe in it;
  • see it virtually;
  • convert it to a story which can be told either via your journal or aloud to another;
  • plan for success; and
  • experience all of the above.

So in other words, goal setting is all about the FEELS!

1. I have a DREAM

You literally need to daydream of what it is you want to manifest as change in your life. You need to be able to create those mental components and attach emotions of how this new / different thing in your life will make you feel. When we align our brain (what we think), to our heart (what we feel), we are capable of walking our journey path without obstacle. Why? Because from a universal, energetic perspective, what we think – we do! Simply it’s a basic law of attraction.

Our thoughts are mental energy, and utilise our neural network to influence how we move and respond to the world around us. Remember that this mental energy can be influenced by both our genetics, values and beliefs. It can also have a positive or negative self charge. So if the negative nancy stuff is entering your headspace, your mindset will need adjusting.

Before you give up, consider how to re-ignite your dream, utilising your imagination so that you can literally picture yourself overcoming the obstacle of negative self-talk.


It’s fantastic to dream big, but don’t wish your life away in the process! When focussing on the area of life you want to change, literally ask yourself “can I see myself doing / being this new thing?” If the answer is yes, then include in the dream how you will take your first steps.

If the answer is no, then ask yourself what is it about the dream that is not believable? Might you need to picture allowing assistance and support from others? Might be afraid of the hard work? That’s just negative self again, so shake things up and go back to dreaming how you change that.

3. You have to SEE to believe

Some of the most successful people in the world allow themselves to ‘see’ the success they want. Take an Olympian competitor for example. They literally prepare for their event or race, by visualising how they will win. Gift yourself moments to ‘see’ how you will conquer the obstacles along the way. When you get stuck, return to dreaming up solutions and believe that you hold the key to your own success!

4. You have to TELL it

Widener wrote “One reason many dreams never go anywhere is because the dreamer keeps it all to himself. It is a quiet dream that only lives inside of his mind.” This can be confronting for some, as they may have a fear of failure and will only announce success to the world once the deed has been accomplished. For others the adventure of change is very private.

I recommend starting the goal-setting process by writing yourself a love letter! I know that sounds strange. However, if you can capture the dream of what you want, and include fine details of what you want to see in terms of change, then how these changes will make you feel – you have then told yourself what you really want with precise detail.

Once you’re comfortable that you have a very clear picture of the dream, that might be when your confidence shifts, to allow you to openly share the goal.

5. PLAN to succeed

My research for this particular article caused me to stumble across some brilliant quotes.

Breaking down goals into manageable small actions for implementation is how we formulate new habits over time. Sure you’re going to stumble and fall off the bandwagon, but that’s why we start with the small stuff first – so you can quickly get back on the horse and ride to success!

6. EXPERIENCE it all

So whilst you’re dreaming, be sure to include, how the change you want in your life, makes you feel. Believe that can enjoy the process of change, and you are safe to do so. If necessary, see the small steps you need to take in order for the change to evolve. Journal your backside off, working through your strengths to achieve the goal, identifying the weaknesses and returning to dream of how to overcome the challenge. And finally have a plan, don’t just go with the flow.

Failing to plan to planning to fail“!


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