I am always searching for yummy treat recipes for myself and my family. You see I have multiple food intolerances. This can make things tricky, but I know when I nurture my body, I feel fantastic.

My family therefore, get to try lots of different foods. Some are great experiments and others are epic failures. Sometimes there is choice involved, and other times it’s “eat what’s on your plate”. But the consistent message is try the experience and then express your preference.

It’s a great analogy for life that I am trying to teach my daughter. Immerse yourself into opportunities. Have a go. If you don’t enjoy it, learn the lesson and don’t do it again. If’ the experience is good then repeat. Simple right?


These are gluten dairy and egg free choc chip cookies. The choc is actually cacao nibs and the egg replacement was chia seeds. Sounds exciting right?!

Soooo my husband’s verdict statement was this … “babe ya know those latest cookies?”

I replied “yeah”.

They weren’t exactly terrible but what the f*#%k is in them? Somethings not quite right about them!!!”

Oh dear flying cookie airborne towards the smart arse!!!! I learnt a couple of things.

I celebrated the free expression and frankly after that comment we all laughed ourselves silly. The statement in fact, has become the latest joke in my household – it’s not quite awful but ….!”

So here’s what I know…

1. Chia seeds make a brilliant egg replacement

2. Cacao nibs are a great semi sweet replacement

3. I still have a good arm and my aim is exceptional!

Whilst the cookies require some ‘attention’, I had a go. And I’ve reminded myself with a simple recipe – that as long as I continue to have a go and dish up experiences into the bowls of life, it won’t be quite awful! Life will be filled with adventures!

You really can choose to change your perception of life and bloom from within xx