I get asked a lot about how I came to the place I am now. Quietly confident and calm with a truck load of self-belief. Not ego but rather an internal recognition of my dreams and an embracing of where I am and want to be going next.

You see I was interviewed for an article recently about what I ideas I had to let go of, in order to grow my business.


1.  I thought I needed a snazzy brand and logo to be taken seriously

What really matters is the quality of your service and commitment to what you do.


2.  I worried I didn’t have enough training or technical experience

I think we all stress that we don’t know enough when we first start out. I’ve often heard the expression ‘fake it till you make it’. But I’m left cringing with that, because this isn’t authentic and potentially betraying a client with an over promise of what you are capable of.

Be upfront regarding what you are capable of. We all start at the beginning. Often graduates are able to fill their vacant appointments because they are cheaper than their experienced competitors.

Consider merging your energy with an agreeable mentor. You gain knowledge, and your mentor gains a locum into their business.


3.  I worried that I would be judged as an egomaniac if I put my face on my marketing

It turns out that my audience loves seeing me in my social content and getting to know me a little more online. Putting a face to a name so to speak has supported a much stronger social media engagement, and willingness of cold call based clientele into my business.


4.  I thought I needed all the automated bells and whistles to achieve success

When I first started out on my own, away from the security of government jobs, things were pretty basic. I’d had a really solid foundation of training when it came to computers and technological tools. It was a basis from which to start. It didn’t solve world peace, but I became the little train that could! “I think I can, I think I can”. And when I couldn’t I reached out to entrepreneur lady posse groups, did tonnes of online training and taught myself from the ground up – bit by bit as time and budget allowed.

It took time to develop my style and skills. It was just like when I originally graduated from university


5.  I worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously if I worked from home

Turns out my clients absolutely love the anonymity of coming and going from my home clinic without anyone seeing them. Rather than the hustle and bustle of having a shop front with people coming and going, I often have clients entering clinic in tears. They want a quiet space to work on their stuff, not be locked in some room for an hour and then sent out to the wolves.

When I worked from another professional clinic, my regular clients complained that it didn’t feel homely enough! They even stated it was too clinical.

Always remember, the client chooses you and your service. The service can only be improved in it’s delivery in a place where you’re comfortable.


6.  I worried people wouldn’t recognise me doing my own thing, and would only know me from my previous roles

Turns out that my previous colleagues follow me on social media. Some even come and receive services. We’ve remained in contact. I maintained the relationships. And there’s even examples of where I’ve provided corporate services back to these organisations where I once worked.


7.  My fears would stop me being successful

Turns out this was the absolute best idea to let go of. I began doing the things I wanted, even though I still had fear and the dreams were realised. Once I started actively working on releasing the fears, the dreams and success became bigger.

A fantastic coach had me create and a ‘love letter’ exercise, which I now share with my own clients, in order to manifest their dream. Using the Law of Attraction, dreams should always include a vision of how you’re going to implement small action based tasks in order to achieve the goals associated with your dream life.

The fear of judgement, failure, being seen, not being seen, being vulnerable, not good enough and all the other niggly fears we have all get in the way of our success.

Now when I coach others, the first thing we work on with all projects, is confidence and self-worth. Men and women alike, this is the first step. If you can’t back yourself, who will? Is your story similar. What might you need to let go of, in order to achieve success in your business.

Always remember you can choose to change and bloom from within xxx