5 Ways To Declutter After Christmas

5 Ways To Declutter After Christmas

Clear Your Space & Your Vibe

Do you declutter after Christmas when you pull down the tree?

Ever get a tingle when the vibe isn’t quite right? Feeling heavy or dense? Do you have episodes of feeling stagnant or stuck? Procrastinate much? Is there a palpable tension in the air after specific visitors? How is the clarity in making your decisions?

Tick yes to any of those questions?

Thanks to social media, we have become complacent about showing up in their lives.

We crave the tiny bit of dopamine received from the ‘likes’ and numbers on our Instagram accounts, yet we suffer anxiety from ignoring all the signals from our bodies.

It’s so easy to become trapped in the vortex of comparing yourself to others. It’s so easy to ignore that intuitive voice inside you, and simply do what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to make your container smaller.

Perhaps your vibrational energy needs clearing!

We are so much more than just flesh and bones. The space around us is a reflection of the energy within us. Both are dependent upon each other to function optimally.

Now that the rushing and running have been completed, and the food has been cooked and eaten. The preparation is complete. But there is still a little more to do to prepare for next year.

The week after Christmas could be called seal week — slothing around eating leftovers and binge-watching TV. It could be so easy to chuck everything away and start over. You could very easily sloth the summer away — right?

1. Review is golden

In my initial years of employment, I worked as a management systems expert and auditor. I learnt the importance of always wrapping up a project with a quick review of how well you went.

The review isn’t an ego act. It’s a performance review of what works and frankly, what doesn’t. You need to let go of anything that doesn’t make your life flow with ease.

I make a dot-point list of where I got certain foods, gifts and services. I include on this list the dates I acquired these adored services and make key notes in next year’s diary.

I use those identified dates to create electronic reminders a month prior to the first planning date. This prompts me to cash in my frequent flyer rewards points and purchase vouchers.

This has a dual effect on positive vibes for the next festive season by expressing gratitude for the following:

  • generating income to make purchases that accrue rewards points
  • using vouchers to purchase high-end groceries and special food treats for the next festive season
  • decluttering the planning process by simply repeating what has worked time and time again. Rinse and repeat!

Decluttering after Christmas, review all your preparatory actions. Considering all the steps, that will save you thinking time and energy next year.

2. Pack Stuff Up

There’s a need to physically declutter. Having your stuff piled up around your home stagnates your energy.

Find a permanent home for it. Don’t move items around your space. When you don’t dedicate a space for an item, there is an element of disrespect for the abundance you have received.

When you continue to procrastinate relocating the item there is an avoidance energy that builds. This negative vibe grows like cancer. Every time you look at the unhoused item, you likely chastise yourself — and the negativity builds.

The aim is clear pathways, to allow free bodily movement, rather than obstruct it. This replicates the movement of chi within your body within meridians and in between chakras (energy centres).

3. Embracing the “KonMari method”

Mari Kondo’s method consists of gathering together all of your belongings, one category at a time, and then only holding onto those objects that “spark joy”. The gift of this method incorporates cleaning, organising and treasuring what you have, no matter the monetary value.

Once I’ve stowed away the used packaging, wrapping supplies, and cards, everything goes into labelled storage containers. I’m expressing gratitude the entire time.

Once I’m done with the Christmas items, I move on to things I have received or purchased during the holiday season (like Black Friday sales).

Since you have new items, you’re more likely to be okay with letting go of some of the older ones.

The festive season gifts you the opportunity to be grateful for all the abundance you have accrued, and revisit what you –

  • keep
  • repurpose
  • gift to charity
  • throw away

Decluttering is another opportunity to feel and express joy and gratitude for your belongings. Consciously choosing to embrace or release items, clears your energy of what you are attached to.

Decluttering your posessions at the completion of the festive season is yet another celebration of joy in your life.

4. Smudge Your Space

Smudging is the ritual of cleaning the energy of a physical space, object or person. If you have a meditation ritual, you can burn Sage or Palo Santo before your practice. This will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to connect to your heart space.

I burn incense the entire time I’m decluttering. The energetic shifts are palpable, and I find myself working more consistently and efficiently. The avoidance of clearing through the stuff dissipates.

Decluttering the energetic vibe of your space deletes negativity.

5. Play Space Clearing Music

The heart resonance of sound is very powerful. There are a number of methods to use sound to heal a space

  • Recorded music — play tracks that have powerful meaning to you, and play it loud. Whilst there is no hard and fast rule for what you play, ideally, that music can either be instrumental or include words that resonate with your intention for the space you are clearing.
  • Singing bowls — are a powerful tool for space clearing. Tibetan bowls are said to “have a sound that has the ability to bring everything back to a centre of stillness.” Notice how your energy responds to it.
  • Singing— Our voice is unique like a fingerprint and is a source of individual power. The resonance of your voice links with your ability to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in.
  • Chanting — Using the power of your voice, you might use words or phrases, or you may work with tones and different sounds. A space-claiming statement might be a great place to start –

This is my space, it is sacred to me. I own my sacred space 100%. It is my intention that no one, and nothing can enter my space unless I give them permission on a conscious level.


Go reclaim your space now that you’ve tidied up, stowed away and stored all your precious items is important. What better time than wrapping up a yearly cycle by letting go of that which no longer serves you, and creating space for new opportunities? The easiest way is to declutter your space after Christmas.

Originally published within Illumination, a Medium Publication.

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