Could you pause this festive season from all that running and determine what best serves you moving forward?

What could you gain from limiting your festive season celebrations, to pause long enough, to reflect on the year …

I recognise that’s an odd question.But gosh, when you can gift yourself some precious moments to pause, you can find gold, buried deep within.
Could you limit your festive season celebrations to pause long enough to reflect on what worked and what didn’t?
But between all the running around that happens at this time of the year – with kids breakups, work parties, and social gatherings – we so easily deplete ourselves.
With all this running, a great fatigue set in, at the soul level.

Have you paused long enough recently on how you’ve navigated this challenging year?

This year has been challening for so many reasons.  Many have spent a year running back towards their definition of ‘normal’.
Are you one of them?
Our lives changed so drastically during the last two years. They changed to a space whereby they won’t return to what we once knew.
Our need to escape and return to all the old things that there known, certain and reassuring, for some, became an addiction.
Is it time to sit down somewhere comfy, put your feet up with a cup of coffee, and simply reflect on what worked in your life this year and what didn’t?

Have you created an unrealistic expectation that next year will be the best in your life?

If you answered yes to that question, then perhaps we should talk about sabotage patterns!

Can I invite you to use your reflection skills to reframe those expectations? Know this, you’ll need to to generate a certain willingness to make some changes?

I’m not talking rocket science. I’m talking about reflecting on how the simple things in your life like-

🥳 housework
🥳 shopping, or even
🥳 shuffling the kids to all the things.

Out of all of your commitments – can I invite you to reflect on what actually works in your life?

And perhaps whilst you’re at the task of reflection, can I invite you to consider what’s not working?

Take a deep breathe and ask yourself how not working affects you?

Here’s a fabulous reset tool for any overwhelming stress caused. Click the link below.

Reframe your New Year Intention

Considering the things you’ve identified that didn’t work this year, consider now what small changes you could make to restore calm and internal peace?

Could it be as simple as offering family members an experience instead of a present this festive season?

Might you also consider making a stronger commitment to more self care next year?

Perhap you may book a year’s worth of self care appointments?


Whatever your reflection of this year is, can I invite you to reframe anything negative into a motivating force to make slight alterations for the future?

Often it’s just little things, repeated over time, that generates big results.

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