Take A Moment To Reflect

Do New Year’s Eve resolutions actually work?

In my opinion the answer is setting a NYE Resolution is a major source of shame, blame, and guilt in January.

Why is this?

When we create a resolution, it’s simply a statement of what you want your dream life to include. There’s very little, if any, actual planning of how you will achieve success of the goal you’re setting yourself.

Instead of setting a resolution for the new year could I invite and encourage you to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close and ask yourself the following questions?

1. What was great for you this year?

Are you able to set aside everything that occureed externally in your life this year, and just pause. Take a breath. Now ask yourself this – have there been any highlight moments for you this year that can be celebrated?

I encourage you to simply sit with what arises. Don’t push any feelings aside.

2. Is there any negative thing that could be reframed into a lesson being learnt?

And before you respond, give some thought to the rules of the law of attraction, which state that the universe hears everything you say!  Eeekkk so catch yourself stating “this year was shit”!

What if I gave you permission to reframe or look around the challenge to find the solution? What advice could you give yourself or what might you discover?

And let’s be honest, this fresh perspective may not solve the problem (call it a challenge instead) you’ve been experiencing. It may however, be an important jigsaw puzzle piece that enables you to forgive yourself for that negative reaction. In turn this may enable you to soften and feel better within yourself.

That is powerful stuff!

3. Is there a theme that arose or captured your attention this year?

Perhaps it might be a common feeling or thought process? It might be a trigger from a place, person or thing?

I invite you in today’s reflection to ask yourself “what is this trigger trying to tell me”?

Journal out everything that arises from this question.

Why? Because once that emotion is out, you create a space for heart space connection and capacity for courage to move forward.

4. What do I want to be feeling instead?

When I work with clients in my clinic, we commence every session with “so what’s been happening“?

This questions allows a lot of venting to occur, which opens the door for me to create an invitation to arrive at “so how do you want to be feeling?

When was the last time you connected in with the feelings of your heart space – the space within you that is your truth?

This is the space and time to allow yourself to become very honest and ask connect with your inner truth.

5. What Is My Intention Moving Forward?

Making that connection with how you want to feel in your life can feel a little confronting, and that’s ok because this is where the lesson needs to evolve- learning more about yourself. I use guideded meditation to gently ease into this space and allow regular insight to connect me to my dream life. 

 Now that you have identified your why (the desired feeling), you can implement an action plan that drives you towards what you have to do to achieve that feeling.

Reflection doesn’t have to include shame, blame or guilt. It can simply be an honest observation of whether you’ve strayed from your path or self check-in as to how birght you shine your light!

Reflect and connect with the real emerging you!

Wrap Up

Creating an intention instead of a resolution, is like gifting yourself an invitation to undertake a consistent paced approach to change over the coming year. It creates a positive energised space, that is permission based, to focus on self. An intention energetically allows you to measure your progress without shame, blame, or guilt.

You’re either on track or you’re not.

When you allow yourself to be courage and look within honestly, you can change course, seek support, defuse old patterns – you can choose to change and bloom from within.

Whatever your tradition to ring in a new year, may you be blessed with the courage to really look at your reflection and appreciate just how amazing you really are!

Happy New Year gorgeous!

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Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, LEAP & NES Practitioner, and self-confessed laughaholic. She is an avid Breast Cancer Advocate residing in Gippsland Victoria Australia. She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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