You’ve probably heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ before, how people manifest crazy abundance into their lives. Have you ever stopped and wondered how they actually do it, or are you stuck in your stuff and just ‘wishing’ you were like that?

What if I were to tell you that everyone on the planet is capable of utilising the Law of Attraction (let’s call it LOA from here on in). And it’s based on a couple of simple principles, and a little daily dedication to self.

But firstly before we get into how to use it, let’s explore what it is exactly.

The Law Of Attraction is defined as the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.

It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways.

Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction.

This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.

So in other words, the Law of Attraction is just like having the power of gravity. You get to consciously choose what you want to attract into your life. Additionally, your subconscious plays a role as well, and if you don’t reign in the negative self talk, guess what? Yep you’re manifesting negative into your life.

Here’s my top tips on how to attract and manifest abundance in your life.

 1.  Your Mindset Must Be Positive

One of the main principles of the Law of Attraction, is that what we think internally we create externally. Sounds a little deep right, but it’s true. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously.

You can’t take a break from it and decide not to create because creation never stops. Remember, thoughts and feelings aren’t designed to squat in the presidential suite of the hotel (ie your mind), they are designed to come and go.

Like attracts like. If you are feeling grateful, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, appreciative, or abundant, then you are sending out positive energy from your mind into your body and the space around you. Remember you’ve heard me talk about the scientific research by the Heart Math Institute, who measured the heart resonance vibration can be recorded 6 metres outside of the body. So if you’re feeling great and groovy, people around you are going to pick up on that!

On the other hand, if you are feeling bored, anxious, stressed out, angry, resentful, or sad, you are sending out negative energy into your body and the space around you. People pick up on this vibe as well, and sometimes negative energy is palpable.

Once you understand the Law of Attraction, and how it works, you can begin to consciously and intentionally create a better life. The universe is like a waiter at your favourite restaurant. If you order ‘something nice’ the universe has no measure of your likes, it will just dish up an experience. However if you are focussed on your favourite dish of all time, and will relish every flavorsome aspect, then that is exactly what you are manifesting.

2. You can choose to respond differently to the situations that arise during your day.

One of the fastest ways to change from negative into positive, as I advise my clinic clients, is to utilise the ten second rule – take a slow deep breath in for count of three, hold for count of three, release count of four. When triggered by someone or something, take a slow deep breath.

The purpose is two fold. Firstly the long slow breath buys you time to observe rather than react and calm your nervous system response from stress to conscious action. Secondly use this time to ask yourself any of the following questions:

  • “what am I feeling?”
  • “what is being triggered in me?”
  • “how does this relate to me?”
  • What am I responsible for learning right now?”

By observing instead of reacting, we are avoid regret later down the track. We get to consciously own the negative pattern being run and choose to change an aspect of it.

You can choose to think differently.

You can choose to focus and think about the things you want more of in your life.

You can choose to experience more of the things that make you feel good.

You can choose to deliberately participate in the creation of your future by managing your thoughts and feelings.

Society dictates we have to be and do everything to be a success. But there is no energy invested in being accountable for who we become in pursuit of this so called perfect life. If we were to step out of this perfect paradigm (which frankly doesn’t exist), you could look at life of lessons learnt and lessons to be learnt, instead of focussing on all the stuff you think you ‘need’ to acquire.

Take a moment to imagine how different your life would be if all of your experiences were a measure of lessons learnt rather than failure?

3. Ask for what you want!

The Law of Attraction principles teach us that you’ll attract into your life whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to—wanted or unwanted. So it’s clear that you must become more deliberate about what you think and feel. Be intentional if you will and practice feeling all the feels as if you already had the thing you want.

At the end of the day, we don’t manifest stuff, we manifest the life we want. Joy. Happiness. Gratitude. Practice that!

So ask yourself these questions:

  • How would you feel once you’ve “arrived” at your goal?
  • What would you be doing throughout your day?
  • Who would you be spending time with?

The more you focus on, think, journal and talk about what you DO want (instead of what you don’t want), the faster you will manifest your dreams and goals. So take out of play all the distractions like commercial radio and the news.

4. Believe and receive

I get asked whether this is an ego thing, to believe you’ll get what you want? I respond with ‘belief’ means maintaining a positive expectancy and connection with the feel good. It means going about your day with certainty, a faith if you will, that you’ve put your future in the hands of powers that are greater than yours. It’s more than that, it’s also deciding with conviction that what you want will absolutely happen and remaining connected to your vision of the dream.

5. Become the vibrational match

This sounds easy and can be with strong commitment to shifting negative Nancy mindset. The easiest way to become a vibrational match for what you desire, is to focus on creating positive emotions of love, joy, appreciation, and gratitude throughout your day. This can be easily achieved with affirmations.

Don’t fall into the trap of simply stating “I love myself” if that really doesn’t resonate for you. Stick a prefix infront of it to ease into the practice. Statements of affirmation can be commenced with “I” and including the following verbs:

  • I am willing to learn to love myself
  • I am willing to accept how to love myself
  • I am open to learning how to love myself
  • I am learning to love and appreciate myself
  • I am able to change I order to love myself

Note all of these statements are ‘now’ based and not future or past tense.

So when you do your affirmation, take a moment to practice feeling the emotions you would be experiencing if you already had what you wanted. Herein lies the power.


Connect the affirmation to the feeling.

If you can’t imagine what loving yourself feels like, imagine what you might look like when facing yourself in the mirror.

What would your reflection look like if you loved all over yourself.

Remember, it’s important to catch yourself when your emotions turn negative and turn them to positive emotions.

6. Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is the place you document what you are grateful for each day. Allow your imagination to run wild with the infinite possibilities of where your gratitude can take you, and, allow your heart to open. It is the magnifying of gratitude that enables us to manifest miracles. Why? Because we are connected to the ‘feel goods’! The more we connect to that good juju, the more we have capacity to manifest more.

Remember you are capable of so much more than you ever dreamed, and using the Law of Attraction allows you to become the master manifestor in your life. You really can choose to change and bloom from within!

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