As a Change Facilitator, (Kinesiology Practitioner and Wellness Coach), I get asked a lot how I stay upbeat, with a positive outlook on life. I utilise the Law of Attraction rules a lot in my life to ensure my focus remains on self and those that live under the roof of my house. Afterall, this is the direct circle of people who I have influence over and visa versa.

There are some hard and fast rules which I’ve learnt over the years, to absolutely kick arse with which I’ve outlined below.

We all have goals and dreams for the lives we want to live. At some point in our lives, we’ve all set New Year’s Eve resolutions which have inevitably failed because we simply expected the dream to unfold and weren’t committed to the actions required. The key to not crumbling immediately when not achieving a goal is your perception. See your ‘failure’ as a beginning and not an end. There are some lessons that require repeating so that you change your behaviours and attitude!

It’s one thing to have a dream. But the dreams don’t come true unless you work at them! It’s all well and good to have dreams, but if you don’t have a plan and instigate it, then it’s still just a dream. The old saying of if you don’t go after it, you won’t have it, always rings true.

I often find myself sitting quietly to reflect on the required tasks to implement, in order to achieve my dream life. The ‘to do’ list always comes together rapidly. Running your own business, there is never any shortage of things to do. Rather than pressuring myself to finish everything at once, I set a pace that is easily achievable and leaves me time for self. That said, it’s extremely satisifying to always do more than expected.

When the time arises (and it will), and you’ve got sufficient energy, always give a little more. The boost to your confidence and motivation, to continue walking your journey path is incredible.

When it comes to working towards living your dream life, assume nothing and question everything. Walking your journey path often is challenging. We learn an abundance of lessons along the way. When your buttons are triggered, take a pause from reacting to the person or thing. Look within to determine what in you need to acknowledge and heal. Remember we all have stuff! Be gentle with yourself.

And because we all have stuff, we all have a past. None of us live in bubbles. We live lives filled with experiences and opportunities to learn and evolve and heal. Make peace with the past or you’ll continue to pay for it. With unfinished business, you carry ‘bags of burden’. Frankly we have enough to deal with. Why would you choose to ignore the past and suffer from it. Be gentle with yourself as you embrace more of you, deal with the stuff and lighten your load.

It’s easy to find oneself overthinking about scenarios associated with all the old stuff, or triggered incidents and people. We can run mental patterns, which can feel like a merry go round of negative juju. Take a breath, and, stop thinking so much, and start taking action. Often the thought of taking the first step is the most fearful or confrontational. Take the first step and get on with it. Your dream life awaits you!

Now that you’re on your way, towards your dream life don’t get caught up in external drama. By this I mean, never compare yourself to others. You will never understand what other people have experienced, their behaviours or subsequent reactions. So why then, would you compare yourself to them? Be grateful for all that you are, have and the life you are living.

And now that you are learning and practicing how to love all over yourself, it’s time to allow the world to see the authentic you. You need teach others what you want them to know about you. Allow yourself to lower the defensive wall and let people see the real you.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within, standing in your sacred space and shining your authentic light to the world.