Sometimes, the expression of these emotions is safest through the release of tears, instead of harsh words which can never be taken back.

Sometimes, the release of tears allows these emotions to be set free instead of ‘punched’ out of the body with anger or frustration.

The release of pent up, stored ‘negative based emotion’ allows for passive expression. It allows the ‘other person’ to visibly understand you’re feeling something in that moment and perhaps you can’t find your words.

Sometimes we can’t express our words because the negativity behind them has shut down our emotional brain and we’ve entered flight or fight – stuck, shut down, paralysed.

It’s not until the situation has defused, we’ve moved to a safe place or taken a couple of deep breaths that our brain can reboot and turn the emotional center back on again.

It’s at this point we are nasty to ourselves with self talk thinking things like “I should have said this or that!” Please be nice to yourself, you literally couldn’t access those words because your brain processes had been temporarily paused through a mental defence pattern!

Kinesiology and wellness coaching can support you to defuse those defence patterns and find your words! You can choose to change and safely connect with and express your feelings.

If you’re not ready to confront the issue causing you distress, then consider getting into your journal so that you’re lightening the load of what is swirling around inside your head!

I like to think of tears as your excess love is clearing out the bad juju so you can just be you, without all the crap!

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