Learn more about Kinesiology, Wellness Coaching, Intuitive Meditation, and Facilitated Change

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing using the body’s biofeedback mechanisms, to measure where a person stores stress within their system.  The specific corrections defuse stress and allow the client to return to their natural state of recuperation.

Neuro training takes this process another step further and utilises the principles of the following modalities:

  • Chiropractic assessment (which vertebral segment and associated nerve complex is involved);
  • Science of psychology – how we store or process emotions; and
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine with specific reference to meridian science.

Neuro training also enables Karen to incorporate everything she has studied – nutrition medicine, toxicology, traditional homeopathy, aromatherapy, Ayurveda medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (including 12 main meridians) to name a few.

Karen has recently completed studying brain integration techniques via the renowned LEAP (Learning Enhancement and Acupressure Protocol) program.

Neuro-Training with Kinesiology is a new way of experiencing the integration of many modalities that have existed for decades or even centuries. It is a client-oriented, solution-oriented synthesis and integration of alternative modalities, self-development techniques, learning enhancement programs and other personal development skills.

Basically it means that Karen can assist clients to remove roadblocks to the own ability to return to their natural state of recuperation. Karen therefore doesn’t heal you. Karen simply assists you to remove the stress in a gentle and relaxing manner so that you heal yourself.

No two sessions are ever the same because we are always changing. We are in a constant state of evolution, adapting to the world around us.

Kinesiology isn’t designed to fix you, but rather return you to your line of recuperation. So Karen’s challenge to you is, do you feel like you are flowing? If not, consider booking yourself a kinesiology session today. Think of it as a winter investment to your summer’s future!

I’ve just had my second session with Karen today and I can’t wait for my next! I’ve struggled for years and years with anxiety and with just one session I’d already felt much more at ease! She digs deep and finds a problem and solution and is so easy to talk to and ask questions! along with that one of my traits I couldn’t stand! I would always put others happiness before my own I felt that it was selfish and terrible of me to ever put myself first, we worked on that and I already see and feel a huge change! Love your work Karen!

Jayde O

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching incorporates a relaxed conversation using a series of defined questions to assist you in identifying your vision of life, then establishing goals to move forward on your path.

Have you ever wondered what creates the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do?

Wellness Coaching closes this gap. Combining theory from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology, we help clients overcome resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach. Wellness coaches support clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and only then together create a plan for action.

Through this supportive relationship, Wellness Coaches empower their clients with a focus on facilitation, rather than prescription. The client then takes responsibility, feels more confident as they experience small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change than they would on their own.

Always a smiling face and great advice on my journey in life, very professional and welcoming love your work kaz

Jay T

I had my first blessing this week with Karen! I can’t even say consultation as that just doesn’t give it justice to how I felt walking out! 
Personally for me I spoke to Karen about ailments & issues I’ve been holding onto for years!! And now I know I’m on the right path to the better version of me xx

Robyn W

What is Intuitive Meditation?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without conscious reasoning. You can liken this to your innate knowing or just instinct.

Meditation is a fabulous tool to declutter the chatty mind. Purposeful breathwork can create a state of mind to support you to become present in the moment. This allows you to observe thoughts to come and go, rather than fester and makes you feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, remaining present supports you to connect to your innate wisdom, and then strengthens this connection. Thus, intuition meditation practices help to empower your inner guru!

Join Karen and bloom from within!

So, what then is Facilitated Change?

When we combine the art of muscle testing, integrating defusing stress patterns (on a physical, mental, emotional or even energetic state) we create a place for clients to focus on a positive mindset.

Combining wellness coaching, intuitive meditation with kinesiology provides you with the opportunity to focus on where you want your life to be going. This becomes an extremely powerful tool when you can reframe your stressful experiences into your super powers!


Join Karen and bloom from within!

I have had a few kinesiology sessions with Karen and they have all been amazing! The last one was Super Amazing – just like Karen herself. She is full of energy, totally switched on and present at all times during your session and has an incredible capacity of knowledge and energetic awareness. 
She has helped me along my journey of healing, realization and self connection – in a big way! This enables me to not only be a better person, live a happier and healthier life but to also be a better healer myself.
Thank you Karen – it is a blessing to have you in my life. Xo


Online Booking

You can book your session and pay online for your convenience. Learm nore about booking online.

Can’t thank Karen enough! After a rough period with no medical assistance in hospitals/GP’s and maternal health support, Karen turned our poor little girl around – she is now a very content little girl & gaining weight consistently. Thank you Karen & your heart of gold xx

Jess R

We wouldn’t know what to do with Mr 6 if it wasn’t for your services. 
He loves his visits and he’s always so calm and relaxed after a session with you. 
After our appointment today I have not heard a peep out of him. Happy Mr 6 = happy mum 

Tara R

Corporate Services

Karen is a Change Facilitator, having obtained a number of qualifications and is experienced in the clinical delivery of kinesiology, neuro training, wellness coaching and relaxation massage.

​She also provides a range of corporate services, utilising her investigation and audit skills to drill down to the root cause of challenges to assist individuals to recuperation.  Karen also utilises the natural healing properties of a number of products including Australian Bush Flower Essences, homeopathic tissue salts, and aromatherapy (to name a few) to support you to bloom from within.

​Karen utilises her 22 years of project management experience and 30+ years of public speaking to facilitate corporate workshops. Karen understands people, and creates inviting environments, which support group participation, as well as encouraging team building and collaboration.

​Karen’s corporate services extend to the following:

  • facilitated ‘stress management’ training programs;
  • informal workshops;
  • resilience & motivation content for workplace intranet and/or staff email; as well as
  • 1:1 corporate facilitated change sessions to support staff in becoming the best in their workplace.

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