One of the founding principles of the Law Of Attraction, includes “your thoughts become your actions”. Sounds simple enough right? But there are times or certain trigger people that bring this concept completely undone. Get wobbly long enough and before you know it you are manifesting negative Nancy pants!

Who wants that?

I often find my journal is the best place to dump out the ‘negative story’ from my mind. By releasing the negative onto the page, it’s like unloading cargo from the train. The load becomes lighter, and the train needs less fuel to move forward, heading in its intended direction.

The journal is a brilliant tool to release the initial feelings which are triggered. It’s important to let this go so that the feelings don’t fester into something else. The expression (even if only pen to paper) is a gift, to self. It provides a release of the negative juju and you feel lighter, as if you’ve spoken to a friend.

After letting go the initial ‘reaction’ feelings and thoughts, you then get the opportunity to explore the ‘why’ did I react?

What was that all about?

Exploration of this ‘stuff’ is vital to break down old trigger habits, which are often mental in nature and hard wired within our neural pathways, to cause us to ‘REACT’.

No one likes to react. It makes us feel out of control, vulnerable if you will. No one actively chooses to feel like this. Experience this long enough you create the habit of ‘reacting’ but in a heightened way. It’s like inviting your sympathetic nervous system to join the negative Nancy party and you’re experiencing symptoms like sweating, short of breath, tight chest etc. (refer to my adrenal blog for more).

Who wants that? No one!

So the purge into the journal can rapidly break this mental response down, and gift you the opportunity to explore ‘how’ did this happen? When did I first experience this? Why did I react this way?

If the intensity of your reaction is high, utilise your journal to write a ‘fuck you’ letter to the trigger person. Note we aren’t going to send this letter, but merely gift yourself the opportunity to express all the thoughts and feelings as if the person were standing in front of you and you don’t need to be politically correct with your expression. This letter is for you to purge and release.

As a wellness coach, I’m always trying to see life’s experiences as a lesson. What can I learn from this encounter. Why was I upset? What am I to learn from this encounter. Why is it so personal?

Experience has taught me that people are in my life for a reason, a season or a life time. I learn from everyone I encounter. Sometimes the lessons are profound. Sometimes I am in someone’s life for them to learn a lesson, and to reinforce what I have learnt by observing others.

I find this approach is a much more peaceful way of life, because it creates a space for me to own my stuff without blaming any one for ‘doing anything to me’. All of my experiences I have allowed or were my destiny.

Let me clarify though, bad things happen to some people. Yep, and it suxs. But you can’t undo what’s been done. We don’t live in bubbles. We have experiences and there’s lessons in them all – good and challenging (I like to reframe away from ‘bad’).

I find the journal is a very safe place for me to express and reflect on these experiences so that I consciously become aware of the lessons learnt.

Once I’ve finished purging, I then begin to write myself a ‘love letter’. For some I can hear your ‘pfffttt’ and sniggers. So let’s return to my opening reference to the Law of Attraction. The principles of LOA talk about embracing gratitude for all that your life contains now. Connect with all the good emotional juju. LOA also encourages you to really grasp and connect with what your dream life looks like. What would it feel like to be living, doing, being x? Never focus on having the stuff, focus on the feelings that the dream life would give you.

Your journal is the perfect place to write your love letter. I like to forward date my love letters, and write myself a letter, thanking myself for implementing all the small actions required to achieve the dream. This helps me to picture everything aligning onto my journey path. It also makes it clear to the universe exactly what you are manifesting.

The beauty of the journal is you can redraft, refine and recreate your life with these love letters. You can manifest all sorts of wonderful abundance into your life. You also get to purge along the way and own your stuff. The more stuff you embrace and release, the more consciously aware of what it is you want, rather than bumbling along in life.

The more consciously aware you become, the clearer the dream becomes. The clearer the dream, the easier it is to manifest abundance. And so the cycle continues.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within as you practice your perfection!