Are You A Quitter?

Are You A Quitter?

Last Friday was known as Quitters Day. When I read that, I spat my coffee out. That sounds a little weird right? But when I read a Fortune Well article, I was astounded that they have a name for the second Friday of January —  

Only two weeks into the year, many people have fallen short of their New Year’s goals. The second Friday in January is known as “Quitter’s Day,” when people are most likely to throw in the towel on their resolutions.

Studying the statistics of people who resolved on New Year’s Eve, yesterday was the day you were likely to have stopped backing yourself.

The reality is that sticking to something new can feel hard and uncomfortable. That’s a normal and very human reaction to change. Any form of desired change takes effort and requires consistency.

Here are seven tips to support you to continue your pursuit of the goal

1. Reconnect with your big goal

When working in my own clinical practice, I prioritise bringing my client to a place of remembrance. What is it they want to feel when living out their dreams? For there is great power to be wielded when you reactive your feelings centre.

Unfortunately, when it comes to activating change, our normal human neurological survival programming will activate diversion to defend yourself when anything in life feels uncomfortable. This will look like avoidance and procrastination.

This will immediately impact your capacity for change. Anything new, foreign, unknown or hard will turn on your defence program. This means when anything starts to feel hard your brain will drive you to stop. Your brain will take the path of least resistance because it takes energy to create change.

That same defence program will subconsciously sabotage your willingness to maintain a new routine, thing or aspirational activity. Your defence program causes you to quit because your brain is holding onto a program that is signalling an alert it’s not safe.

What does help to soothe the defensive program is to connect with the positive feelings of your desired goal, and breathe mindfully. 

2. Take bite-size actions

Often when you create a goal, the dream of what you want is vastly different from the place where you are now. Therefore the leap from the present moment to the future can induce overwhelm, doubt and fear. Often the actions you attempt are drastically different from what you are used to doing and this triggers the unsafe reaction.

Here’s the thing, you can eat an elephant, you just have to take one bite at a time. You can complete a marathon, one step at a time. No one says you have to run it. These metaphors are useful reminders that small actions, repeated consistently over time, generate big change outcomes.

3. Keep trying

Many people attempt at a new activity, and when they fail, they give up. There are a couple of reasons for this. 

  • Some people have a fear of failure, so the mere thought of attempting something they have never done before causes paralysis
  • Some people need things to be perfect, so to attempt something new and not be good at it, causes their self-worth to diminish
  • Some people fear the unknown, so the thought of trying something new without knowing the outcome can induce inexplicable anxiety
  • Some people have a fear of being out of control and will invest their time and energy planning. This creates unrealistic expectations of outcomes being a certain way and generates disappointment when the expectation isn’t met. Planning also negates the windows of opportunity and flow to close off, which can diminish the excitement of performing new things.

The trick with anything new is to make the new action so small that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right the first time. You simply continue trying until you’ve mastered the task and then continue to the next stepping stone. 

Small actions allow you to push through fears and be spontaneous until you achieve victory. Remind yourself that when you were born, you didn’t stand up and run around. Learning to walk took a year. This gives you that little bit of perspective and incentive to keep trying.

4. When you don’t see an instant result

It’s frustrating when you’re investing the effort and don’t perceive any external changes. This is a choice point, and often the place where many people go back to the beginning and give up.

The trick here is to be consistent with two things — 

a) undertaking small change activities every day (many small steps create a big change path)

b) reminding yourself daily of how living the dream life feels 

This advice sounds counterintuitive, however, real change comes when we reverse engineer our action steps based on our connection with how we want to feel. The more you remind yourself of what the energetic frequency of the dream feels like, the more you will want to connect to it and be living it.

5. When you invest and still don’t see results

Whatever you do, don’t stop. When you hit that point when you’re not seeing results, and you will, this is the time to remind yourself of the success already achieved. 

Celebrate every little success, every step taken, every day that you have been consistent. Recognising every little achievement, and every positive bite of success verifies your desire for change. Celebration keeps the resilience momentum going.

If the motivation has taken a hit, and you feel the speed wobbles beginning to shake get an external cheerleader. Take a new action, get support, or shake up the new routine.

I walk every day. But I walk further and faster when I have a walking ‘mate date’.

When I decide I want to change something in my life I do this —  

  • I reflected on the feelings of living the desired result of what I want
  • I pondered all of the likely steps involved in gently moving forward, you can call them milestones if you like
  • I listed all the likely supports I might need like comfortable shoes, a walking buddy, or even a YouTube exercise class (for rainy days)
  • I explored all the beautiful areas I find myself relaxing in when I walk so that my eyes have different perspectives and never get bored when I exercise
  • I created a list of audio books thanks to Spotify that keep me company when I do the tread mill

So you see a plan can look easy enough, right? It is. 

Remember how you learned to walk. First, you engaged your core muscles so you could sit upright. Then momentum had you on your tummy. Then you developed the strength to use your arms and you learned to crawl. Then you stood, then stepped. 

It’s a process and it takes time. Be kind to yourself as the change unfolds. I remind clients who wish to lose a lot of weight. There will be plateaus as your body recalibrates the metabolism and hormonal programs. Be patient and continue being consistent.

Often the change we want occurs and we don’t see it until someone points it out to us. Go back to the client wanting to lose weight. They know the scales state the numbers are dropping, but they perceive they haven’t lost anything until they bump into someone they haven’t seen in a while.

Remind yourself that your mind will play tricks and default to the basic setting of where you started. If you find yourself floundering, get into your journal, or book an appointment with your therapist and purge out all the feelings associated with your current roadblock.

6. What to do when your life feels “blah” and uninspiring

When you experience that can’t be bothered feeling when you wake up first thing in the morning, take action anyway. This is a crunch moment whereby your brain has defaulted back to the beginning. You need to remind that brain program that it is unwanted and change is required.

Have your workout clothes beside your bed so that you have little choice but to put them on and go outside walking. Preparation for the ‘blah’ moment is critical. 

If your goal is to lose weight, then invest time each week in planning meals. If you know you’re prone to take out or have a busy schedule, devote a couple of hours on the weekend prepping a pre-planning menu. This is one of the very best ways to love the inside of you when you’re busy and want to achieve success.

When you go to bed at the end of the day, think of your dream goal outcome. Go to sleep focussed on how good it feels to be living that outcome. This creates the mental space and high vibe for you to awaken to tomorrow.

7. Accept Failure Is Likely

When you scaffold a new habit, you need to have a level of acceptance that your desired outcomes may not initially be perfect. What is critical for ultimate success is the initial adoption of a mindset that incorporates consistent efforts. This means becoming your cheerleader and congratulating yourself every time you try.

Taking the action is what you should consider as significant and a win.


Whether you made a NYE resolution or not, deciding to change something in your life is the easy part. Following up with consistent action and backing yourself is achievable when you have tips on how first to plan and then follow through.

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About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, LEAP & NES Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author. She is a self-confessed laughaholic.  She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

What If You Were One Decision Away?

What If You Were One Decision Away?

Could that choice change your entire life?

Did you recently get sucked into the vortex of shiny object syndrome? Go on be honest, if only with yourself. Do you watch those skinny people videos and wish silently to yourself “I wish that were me?

I recognise that’s got the potential hit of a fish slap to the face, but the reality is, the media we are exposed to at this time of the year can feel icky. There’s so much shiny shit everywhere, it’s almost a syndrome. Those shiny videos incorporate a bombardment of a specific type of messaging that commences the exact moment the last Christmas carol is sung, and we’ve stuffed that last bit of turkey into our mouth.

Yep, I’m talking about the flood of social media messages to create the perfect New Year’s Resolution. The messages bombard the societal audience with the falsehood of unobtainable perfection.

The reality is that these messages are based on the foundation of shame and societal expectations. There’s no consideration for the experiences that caused you to react to life and create a defensive reaction.

The modern-day New Year Resolution marketing suggests that you need, should, and must, be actively wishing your life to become drastically changed. Those boosted social media posts and paid advertising, provides the false enticement to the audience, that you can live your dream life.

The reality is that this messaging drives an unhealthy desire for a life that is outside of you. It also drives an unhealthy comparison-itis, where you judge yourself for being too much or too little, and not being perfect. This activates a deep sense of shame and unworthiness.

According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, New Year’s Day is a red-flagged day for increased instances of suicide rate. Frankly is it any wonder people don’t feel good enough when the societal voices flood our sensory experiences with messages of perfection?

A good therapist, practitioner, or even coach should remind their clients of this fundamental truth — there is no such thing as perfection.

Who’s to say there is anything wrong with you?

Your support person should be asking you this instead. “Why is it you believe you need to change so drastically?” They will help you explore the driving force behind the desire for change, to help you gain an understanding of your why.

As a Change Facilitator, my clinical role is to support people to first identify a client’s big goals. Then together we create a realistic action plan that maps out those success steps toward the outcome, including how each phase will feel.

Only then can the real work begin, whereby we unpack the obstacles that lay in front of the action needed to be implemented? Together we explore the space of discomfort.

Discomfort is the common ground for many who feel stuck, overwhelmed or unable to proceed forward. It’s the place where failure is born. Uncomfortable is the destination, where there is a scrap pile of parts of you that require resolution, resources and support for you to move forward.

We all have parts of us, that come out on deck and help navigate the ship. Some get to steer the wheel, and some parts of you influence which direction you take — approach or avoidance.

When working with parts of a person, whether it be their anger, frustration, or even confidence, there is a fundamental truth that nearly always applies to every single client. You can’t move forward without embracing discomfort in some way.

Think of a time you loved the thought of going to a workout. Does that feel pleasant? Now remember how good it felt afterwards. It felt great — right?

As we enter a new year, we’re entering an energetic space of self-discovery, exploring the parts of you holding onto discomfort. This can be the joy of the New Year energy. You get to look forward and focus for a few moments, on how you want to be living your life. You have the choice to reflect on how well you want to shine your light.

This reflection will highlight that you have amazing parts. Additionally, your exploration may uncover that there is discomfort being held within.

The reality is that there are parts of you that you needed when you were young, that have now evolved, matured or faded. Those historical parts may still be holding onto thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that once helped you to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Some of these parts may now be outdated, outgrown, or simply unresolved.

In your evolution called life, you’ve matured, you’ve had experiences that have enabled you to learn and mature. However, there may still be a subconscious part that is holding onto some form of stress or discomfort.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

To step forward into the next version of you, you have to get comfortable with that discomfort. It is part of you, and therefore not something to avoid.

There I said it, out aloud. To create change in your life, you need to push yourself beyond the discomfort that is currently holding you back. To create meaningful change in your life you need to be able to meet your discomfort where it is at. This is where the lesson learning takes place.

To overcome the intensity of discomfort take consistent action, every day. It’s a form of desensitization, showing up to the discomfort and performing the change action.

So remind yourself of how it will feel after taking action. This will help you make the start. This is the single decision that creates change. Face the discomfort and decide to do it anyway!

Make that decision that recognises the most potent part of you needs to be out on deck, steering your ship forward. Make that decision that those parts of you beneath the deck need to be heard, seen, and acknowledged in some way. Working with your parts will make your journey a little easier in the long run.


As you make that all-important decision to change, allow me to remind you to be gentle with yourself and your decision. Your decisions should acknowledge and include embracing those parts of you that require healing, forgiveness, or even letting go. Activating change in your life requires bringing love and acceptance to all of your parts, especially those that hold onto and generate the sensation of discomfort.

First published with Illumination, a Medium Publication. Click here this piece.

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About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, LEAP & NES Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author. She is a self-confessed laughaholic.  She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland

12 Ways To Create Kick Arse NYE Resolutions

12 Ways To Create Kick Arse NYE Resolutions

Get creative and celebrate life using the energy of the yuletide season!

Forecast your new year with these simple coaching self-help ideas! Learn how to create the best resolution ever!

We’ve all heard of the 12 days of Christmas–right?

There’s a song detailing each day of December they brought a recipient a new gift. This jingle got changed (read bastardised) in the 1980s to the poor recipient receiving all the gifts requiring Prozac and a psychiatric hospital stay.

Hilarious, but the actual Yuletide meaning got lost in translation.

There’s a lot of northern hemisphere history about Yuletide but you might not have realized that the pagan celebration of Yule is twelve days long. It traditionally begins with the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) on December 21 and ends on January 1.

Nearly every post-Christmas celebration has origins invoking the rebirth of the sun or the sun god. They also referred this to as ‘Mother’s Night‘, honouring the Mother Goddess (& the coming of spring) along with the protective female ancestors who watch over us. It’s fitting given that the northern hemisphere is in their peak of winter.

Below the equator in present times, we can still take away from all this history and continue to evoke the worship of the Mother Gaia in our own unique way with a spiritual flavour.

Modern society places ridiculous magical phenomena on the period of New Year’s Eve. Our societal traditions trick us into believing to achieve the perfect life, we can make a simple resolution to do things differently, or worse do it better.

SHAZAM, wave the wand, cue fireworks, say a RESOLUTION and you change your life – WRONG!

It just doesn’t work that way!

The challenge with most resolutions is that there is little forethought why you want to change, and a large focus on avoiding or quickly shifting the negative. There is often a desire to take a magic pill and like the wand-waving, we get disappointed when our expectations for instant fixes aren’t realised. Failure of resolutions occurs because there is a lack of consideration in the following areas:

  • no acknowledgement of your present MINDSET or your current status (that you’re wanting to change)
  • there is often very little or no reflection on present life why you’ve ended up in this position in the first place, and now wish for a new life!
  • there is little to no planning for success on achieving new goals – for example, what you want to be feeling once you’ve reached the goal
  • no gratitude for where you are presently at on your journey path – if you can’t be thankful for who you are already, how can you manifest and create change?

    What about if you set your intention to choose to change in the New Year so that you allow yourself the entire year to evolve?

    An interesting concept isn’t it – permission! Allowing yourself permission to refine yourself buys you time to:

    • set realistic and achievable goals
    • identify strengths and weaknesses
    • allow small implementable actions to be introduced slowly, allowing for positive habits to be created 
    • reflect on the success of implementation and progressive change, which builds upon motivation and confidence!

    Have you had the experience of creating an NYE resolution, only to fail within the first month, or worst the first couple of days? Is it time to change your approach?

    What if I were to tell you that completing simple rituals and taking the time to become observant during the twelve days after Christmas could provide you with a wealth of information to succeed in the year to come.

    Life has a tendancy these days to get fast and complicated at times, and we can easily lose focus of SELF and our JOURNEY PATH.

    What I’ve learnt is that the energy and activities that occur in the twelve days after Christmas provide insight, much like looking inside a crystal ball of how the future year coming could pan out.

    Each of these twelve days represents a future month of the new calendar year.

    Here are my tips for forecasting your new year and creating the best resolutions ever!

    I find it extremely useful in the twelve days which follow Christmas to have rituals so that the habit of tuning into self doesn’t have to be hard-won. I enjoy it when it flows naturally and easily.

    Get grounded – connection to the earth allows you to discharge any build-up of positive ions in the body. Grounding energy allows you to better access your intuition.

    Set your intention – I have been using the intention of ‘surrendering to ordinary thinking’ which instantly allows me to think creatively outside the box. It allows me to slow down and hear the whispers from spirit as to where to guide my attention and observe something.

    Journal – during yuletide I pay attention to my energy, creativity and motivation levels. I purposefully pay attention to my mood and anyone who triggers me. I dig deep about patterns which cause me to experience negativity and make notes for future exploration. I write about it all.

    Reflections of these notes during the future month they relate to, come in very handy and have previously been of significant benefit when planning large scale or important events. It’s like creating your own hitchhikers guide to your own galaxy.

    There is an abundance of information everywhere throughout your day which can infuse you with joy or push all your buttons. Pay attention!

    For those of you living in the southern hemisphere, here are some specific monthly based journal prompts which you can document now, which may benefit you later as a guide to how that month will pan out.

    Day One (December 20th) – January

    This is my birthday month and our summer school holidays. This month is all about having fun in the sun.

    In hour journal, ask yourself this “how do I allow myself to shine my light?

    Be sure to capture the answer in the context of “How do I utilise this month to create abundance which flows through the entire year?”

    Day Two (21st December) – February

    This is generally a very hot weather month with unpredictable rains. It’s a return to the school year and this month is generally where we settle into our normal routines. Pay attention to this day as to where or what can cause your energy and attention to peak / flow / dwindle.

    In your journal ask yourself where do I support myself to achieve my goals?

    Understanding how you use your energy in a single day can provide fabulous context to enable you to create strategies which last the year ahead.

    Day Three (December 22nd) – March

    This month marks the halfway point between the solstices, and it’s called the equinox. It’s the day of equal light and darkness. Look for signs of duality and balance on this day. Additionally, the equinox marks the changing of the season. Pay attention during this day to where your balance may be disturbed.

    In your journal give yourself permission to dig deep and ask yourself “what pattern you may be running that you need to let go of in order to evolve?” Just like a tree sheds it’s leaves, we go through a cycle of change as well.

    Autumn is a large energetic change month demonstrated by the evolution of leaves changing colours.

    Day Four (December 23rd) – April

    This month the energies are generally high as Christians around the globe mourn the death of Christ and celebrate his resurrection. Regardless of your cultural upbringing, rebirthing energy is huge and triggers everyone.

    In your journal ask yourself “what aspect of me is no longer serving my higher purpose? What do I need to release with ease and grace (or allow to die) in order to move forward?


    Day Five (December 24th) – May

    The days begin to darken, the temperate has changed and the cold winds have often arrived. The barrenness of winter is approaching and the trees are shedding their leaves, becoming naked.

    We often take on the energy of feeling vulnerable and exposed in this month. So jump into your journal and ask yourself “what am I afraid of? What could I do to boost my courage to face my fears?

    Day Six (December 25th) – June

    June can be a very liberating month with the right mindset and preparation. It’s the making of the beginning of winter and there’s a solstice (the shortest day light of the year). There are many shadows and the energy of light and dark can easily cause you to fall apart.

    I often find myself reminding my clients that this is a fabulous month to reconnect to your soul star, your seed if you will. This is the time to go within and find your hidden treasure amongst the shadows.

    In your journal ask yourself “If I was a caterpillar, what would I like to transform this winter whilst in my cocoon?

    Day Seven (December 26th) – July

    Often the blustering wet wind prevails during this month and we don’t venture outside often. This is a day to explore things to do around the home. This is also a fabulous month to revisit goals established at the beginning of the year and assess whether you’re on target.

    Be gentle with yourself if you’ve strayed off the desired course and start mapping out small achievable actions in the calendar to get yourself back on track.

    In your journal ask yourself “is my home a comfortable castle or prison? What do I need to do inside to shift this feeling?

    Day Eight (December 27th) – August

    It takes a lot of energy for a seedling to emerge from the ground in the cold spring soil. We are no different. We need to be able to rely on ourselves to continue along our journey path even when things get uncomfortable.

    In your journal ask yourself “what self reliance traits do I have?” and also “What have I learnt about myself to grow even stronger?

    Day Nine (December 28th) – September

    It’s the month of the second equinox (this one’s called the vernal equinox) and marks the change of the season. It’s another day of balance between light and dark.

    In my personal experience, I find spring energy much more powerful than the gentle autumn. There’s a lot of power required to generate new green flowery growth in everything around us.

    In your journal ask yourself “what do I need to do to sustain my abundance and growth?

    Day Ten (December 29th) – October

    This is often an odd month. If your start to spring was shaky or involved a lot of change, things can still be stabilising. I find this can be a very high octane month of getting stuff done and so I plan well in advance to prepare and ensure my energy levels can be consistent.

    In your journal, if you are full steam ahead, ask yourself “what do I need to do to remain consistent?

    If you are the legs are shaky ask yourself “how do I maintain my connection to my goals and build upon my perseverance to succeed what I set out to achieve?

    Day Eleven (December 30th) – November

    This is a month whereby we’re on the home stretch for the year. It’s the last full month of work before another round of festive season begins. This is a month to remain disciplined and stick to your plan.

    In your journal ask yourself “how committed am I to myself and my goals?

    Day Twelve (December 31st) – December

    It’s a high vibe energy month due to the summer solstice, the longest day of sunlight in the year. It’s the peak of abundance energy and everything you’ve been working towards for the entire year. It’s a time of celebrating life, your connections, friends, family and love.

    In your journal ask yourself “what can I be grateful for?

    Final Words

    Hope you’ve enjoyed a new way of looking and responding the Yuletide and can easily incorporate some of the above rituals and journal tips to shape the forecast of your year ahead.

    About Karen

    Karen Humphries is a Change Faciltator. She holds qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Kinesiology, Wellness Coaching, and Meditation to name a few.

    She merges all of her teachings into a unique style of facilitated change for her audience and clients.

    She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

    4 Questions To Answer The Call Of Your Dream Life?

    4 Questions To Answer The Call Of Your Dream Life?

    When was the last time you actively connected with the dream of the life you want to live? No faffing about. I’m being serious now.

    Let me ask you these coaching questions …

    When was the last time you dedicated even just ten minutes to connecting to that dream of your ideal life? 

    How often are you making yourself so busy to the point of distraction and avoidance of what you really want? 

    Why are you making yourself busy pleasing everyone else first?

    Answering these questions can feel confronting. I get it.

    The reality is that one of the most common replies made by my clients is this — “I don’t have time”.

    I always pause the conversation by calling bullshit. Then I asked the individual “what would Dr Phil say to that statement?

    I generally receive a quizzical look from the client. I always continue with Dr Phil’s classic question “how’s that working for you?

    It’s at this point of a clinical session, that the coaching begins. If you haven’t been doing your personal journey work, these questions may feel like I’m slapping you with a fish.

    Source — SA Fishing via giphy.com

    NYE isn’t a reset, it’s a milestone reminder.

    It’s the perfect gift to reassess where you’re at in relation to working towards living your dream life.

    Instead of making NYE resolutions, as a Change Facilitator, I recommend you ask yourself these four questions.

    1. What is the exact vision of my dream life?

    Is the picture of your dream life crystal clear? I’m not talking about you picturing yourself winning Tattslotto. 

    I’m asking you whether you can the vision clearly. Can you see what you’re doing in the dream? Who are you with, sharing the dream life?

    2. What are the new habits?

    When you assess the vision of the dream life, take a really good look and explore what you’re doing. Examine the habits required to be achieving success — this is the path you’ll need to be walking.

    3. What small actions can be implemented to create new habits?

    Habits are simply a bunch of small actions mushed together on a consistent basis. 

    For example, when you first train to walk a marathon there’s no running involved. You begin by putting your shoes on every morning and walking to the front door. Do that for a week, and progress to the letter box. And then walk around the block.

    You can see where I’m going with this — master the little steps until it becomes unconscious muscle memory and progress to the next milestone. Living the dream is no different. The key is to implement small actions and where ever possible! 

    4. Can you connect with how the dream feels?

    When you connect with the feels of living your dream life, you create conscious evidence that your dream is real AND can be achieved. That’s a motivating distinction.

    Every time you step towards your dream, and those feelings, you are magnifying the energy associated with what you want — at a soul level. Chase those joy bubbles everywhere!


    Remember this. Every year is your year. What you learn from the experiences each year is a conscious choice to continue striving to live the dream you desire.

    Imagine how different life could be if you approached it with the enthusiasm of the new year.

    Want to read more like this?

    This is My Roarsigned copies of my first published book can be purchased from this website.

    Self Reflection – A little Look Withinclick here

    8 Hot Tips How To Journal – click here

    Can You Risk Not Stepping Up To Mother yourself?Click here

    About Karen

    Change Facilitator

    Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, LEAP & NES Practitioner, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and published author. She is a self-confessed laughaholic.  She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

    Karen Humphries, Change Chick, Change Facilitator, Kinesiology, Wellness Coach, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LEAP Facilitator, Trauma, Public Speaker, Cancer Ambassador, Blooming From Within, Traralgon, Victoria, Gippsland