One of the best gifts to self is to ‘love all over yourself’. Being focussed on self, means that you get less entrenched in the drama of others. Having a open heart which is filled with love is like filing a bucket of energy. When your bucket is full, everyone gets a piece of you – the energy overflowing the bucket. This means that your bucket stays full.

It takes dedication to keep your bucket full of love. Here’s my tips, utilising the Law of Attraction principles to love all yourself and keep your bucket full!

Give out your time, talent and treasure. We all have unique talents and gifts to share with the world. Your authentic purpose, your ‘light’ shines brightest when you are being of service. By giving your time and talents you are filing your own heart space as well as those you are being of service to.

Give away all the stuff which you no longer use. Hanging onto all the old things that you no longer use or give you pleasure, is like hanging onto bad juju. The more you hang on, the greater the negative energy you are holding onto.

Start with the simple things like your wardrobe or a drawer of clothes. What haven’t you worn in the last two years or doesn’t fit anymore? Gift it to someone unfortunate or presently challenged.

Give up the patterns of behaviour. It’s time to let go of the negative based defensive reactions. Allow yourself a breath, step back from drama and see where you’ve been reacting rather than observing and responding.

Give in to the vulnerable version of self. Allow the old wounds to heal. It takes time and patience for self. Seek help and support where required. Allow your defence walls down. When we step into shadow self, we unknowingly take steps on a treasure hunt. For our shadow self holds our hidden skills and talents that we simply haven’t discovered yet! It can feel a little scary at first when you step into your shadow self and explore your hidden truths. But I promise you when you discover your hidden treasure, your resilience builds exponentially. Incredible changes are possible when you are brave to reflect on both your wisdom strengths and weaknesses, and then do something about it.

Give thanks to yourself. We live amazing lives or at the very least have the capacity to live amazing lives regardless of the circumstances. Every day in clinic, I hear of incredible stories of endurance of the human spirit from those who have overcome hardship.

Reflect upon the obstacles you’ve overcome and appreciate the resilience you’ve gained from the experience(s). Be grateful for the people in your life and the gifts of love they give you regularly. Most of all, find something to be grateful about you every day.

This practice may commence with something as simple as being grateful for having two hands to brush your teeth and hair! Being grateful for two feet to walk along your journey path is never something to be under estimated.

For-Give self is a precious state of ‘pro-giving’ to self. The Law of Attraction utilises the principle that when we think positive, we have the opportunity to manifest more positive in our life. The old saying that your thoughts become your actions certainly rings true. Therefore, the more self-love you give to yourself, the more love you have to share with others.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within, shining your authentic light to the world. Gift to self to find and shine your light, you’re so worth it!

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