The summer solstice is the day of the year with the longest amount of day light. It’s a high energy, high vibration time of the year. I like to think of it as when we celebrate our summer harvest! Everything we’ve been manifesting often comes to fruition in the light and we shine brightly.

What I’ve figured out this year is this – why not utilise the solstice energy to magnify and set the tone for your New Year’s Eve resolution, or I like to set the annual intention for how I want to roll for the coming year. Why not utilise the energy of the summer solstice to catapult you into 2019? Why wait for NYE when the energy has dissipated?

My meditations and guidance all point to 2019 being a year of consolidation. It’s got the potential to be a year whereby we extrapolate the lessons from the experiences, and step into our power, in order to shine our light to the world. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of every opportunity to magnify how to best shine your light?

In order to set your intention, I first recommend getting into your journal and answering the following questions:


  • What has worked in 2018? Why? When it worked, how did I feel?
  • What didn’t work this year and why? Dig a little deeper and ask yourself:
  • What should / could / would I do differently to not repeat the thoughts / feelings / experiences?

Remember you can’t undo the experience, but you can finish the lesson by owning your parts of the experience and encounter.


Then ask yourself this…

What is my why?

What motivates you to change? What makes you happy and your heart sing? What makes you shine your light to the world?

Identifying your ‘why’ enables you to goal set. It also supports you to maintain your resilience when not feeling motivated.

After reflection of your experiences, I recommend you assess what small actions you could start today, to not repeat the things you don’t want. Sometimes it’s as simple as not investing in the drama of others. Listen and observe, rather than advise and react.

Once you’ve figured out the small actions, so that you aren’t triggered further, let’s explore those negative experiences. Imagine a ‘do over’ as a video in your head. Grant your imagination permission to edit and ask yourself what you could have done differently – this is often the lesson to be learnt.

With this new-found awareness, you gain a new conscious awareness of exactly what it is you want to change. This becomes your intention, this becomes what you want to change so you can love yourself more.

Why would you want this? Because we have life to experience and learn and evolve as we walk our journey path. And because you deserve to love yourself.

Always remember you can choose to change and bloom from within xx