I don’t know about you but this week I am prompted to get my self care back on track, in a really big way! The energy of July is fast paced, and things are shifting quickly. This includes not only the perception of time, but the concept of setting intentions and the evolution of universal delivery of intentions.

After being on holidays for nearly a month, and returning to full steam ahead, I found myself returned to old habits. The old way of sneaking in sugar and justifying it. The old way of skipping exercise, because it’s too cold outside. The old excuses and monkey mind chatter. And I’ve landed in July feeling inflamed, sore, tired and cranky. No more!

I’ve been meal planning for the coming four weeks, mapping out and scheduling time in my diary for movement dates (to keep me honest). I’ve even returned to crystals jingling in my pockets and doing my yoga stretching. It’s like I feel compelled to dig into my magic bag of tricks and schedule ALL of my tools that I’ve previously used with success, to move forward.

Where my body is allowing me, I’m decluttering and cleaning out spaces in my home and workplace. I’m even finding myself decluttering out my phone and email addresses of content that no longer services me. Deleting apps I don’t use. Downloading my pics to my hard drive to create space is proving to be quite the metaphor for my life. The simpler things get, the more I find myself flowing.

This week the energy is definitely pushing for a massive increase in awareness and the depth of self love that I gift myself. For those battling anxiety, weight, motivation, grief – this is the week we bring your focus back to you and gratitude for where you are right now, NOT where you want to be.

In order to make changes, we need to acknowledge all aspects. This allows us to consciously connect with what feels right or not so great. This conscious awareness then allows is to align to our emotional juju – that good juju, or feelings centre. It’s that gut intuition that allows us to move forward, step back, or step aside.

This is the week we focus on SELF. Everything else can wait. The energy this week is heightened and if our focus is on the drama of others we’re going to miss a huge opportunity! We’re half way through 2018, and the drama that Winter Solstice brought into our lives can be released with love as we migrate forward.

It’s time to practice our perfection – in whatever form that is.

To keep things honest, I’ll share this with you… whilst this is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, it’s also the happiest. That said, my current body needs a reset. I’ve decided to return to very clean living and planning out my food preparation and meals for the coming month will help me return to my goal of being sugar free again.

Whilst recently travelling I slipped and I’m back into old habits of reaching for sugar. Consequently, my back and gut have gone AWOL and there is chaos within. I’m reminded of a previous time in my life where this was my ‘normal’. Now as I meditate each day I’m aware that this state is part of my old paradigm pattern. I’ve moved forward, and now need to address the old lurking habit.

I have accepted this is where I am at and now gutting out the cupboard of evil temptation. I shall be preparing lovelies this week so that I can satisfy the need for sweet without the naughty. And please note, rather than go cold turkey, my family and I are on sugar wind down. This approach worked a treat for us last time we did this. When a thing runs out we don’t replace it, we merely change for something else.

I’ll admit it took a couple of months to exclusively eliminate sugar. But that meant that our taste buds adapted over time, and we didn’t waste a tonne of money purchasing alternatives that we didn’t like. We tried new things each fortnight. That made the adaptation bearable, and never did we feel that we were being denied.

The transition was much easier than going into denial of knowing there were still alternative treats available.

So, I strongly recommend being kind to yourself and pick one aspect of life you’d like to change by Christmas time. This week is the energy to kick start your new revolution back to you!

Here’s some easy peasy things to kick start your own change journey.

  1. Drink two more glasses of water each day
  2. Add another cup of vegies on your plate
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Instead of the news, listen to relaxation music
  5. Play a board game with the kids
  6. Do food preparation in advance
  7. Have an exercise buddy (who is prepared to drag you out of bed)
  8. Eliminate electronics an hour before bed
  9. Have a piece of fruit each day (soluble fibre is awesome for happy poos)
  10. Listen to a positive podcast each week
  11. Say sorry to yourself when you catch yourself doing negative self talk
  12. Find one nice thing to say about yourself every day
  13. Find one thing to be grateful for each day
  14. Find something to thank your family for being in your life – even if they are negative

Making small changes every single day really does contribute to you embracing your passion, walking your journey path, understanding your life purpose and shining your light to the world. You are so powerful and don’t even know it yet! You can choose to change and bloom from within xxx

#iloveme #changechick