Given my own health journey, I completely understand the resonance of chronic illness and the challenges that go with that. I understand the depth of despair and sadness being experienced by someone who feels stuck or afraid to move forward on their journey path. Because I’ve been there. I think that adds to the uniqueness of what I offer as a practitioner.

When I hold space for a client, it’s from a space of compassionate understanding of what it feels like to be unwell and unmotivated. I understand that deep dark hole and not knowing how to pull myself up an out of negativity – because I’ve been there. It’s so humbling to have clients who choose me to be of service to them.

I continue to chase rainbows in search of what else makes my heart sing and further me along my journey path. Why? Because every tool I have used for myself, I share with clients when I’m being of service.

I am constantly working on myself to ensure I remain energised, grounded, centered, focused, balanced and protected. I have a number of simple spiritual practices that I incorporate into my working life, and I’ve shared them below.


1. Smudge my space

I energetically clear the outside of my clinical space and home with incense and white sage daily using an intention. The energy always feels clearer and calm afterwards.

My clinic room will be cleared at the beginning and end of each day with incense.

2.  Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful gift to quieten the mind and monkey chatter. It also lowers my basal muscle tone and deeply relaxed me. I use this quiet time generally before my day begins to welcome in opportunities for the day ahead. At the end of the day I express gratitude for the abundance gifted to me.


3. Get grounded

Each morning generally after meditation, as the sun begins to rise, I go outside in bare feet and get grounded on the grass. It’s a fantastic way to discharge positive ions – not fantastic in winter but I definitely feel the difference.

I set my intention to be grounded centered, focused, balanced and protected in alignment with the heart of my earth mother and the arms of my spiritual father. I claim my energetic space and energetically protect it.

4.  I spritz my work space with aromatherapy oils

I spritz my work space after every session and use a product by Australian Bush Flower Essences ‘space clearing’. Everyone has their own stuff and energy associated with it and it quickly builds up over a day.

I also have aromatherapy in a cold defuser in the waiting room. Most days I use a drop of lavender because it’s a biochemical mood balancer – if you’re up it shifts you down and if you’re down it tilts you up. I add eygptian geranium to the mix to allow clients to open their heart space up and utilise their own resources to love all over themselves.

5.  Resonate Essence to manifest my intentions

I met the incredible Rachelle and Mel at this year’s AKA conference and absolutely fell in love with their products. Now their products feature in my morning rituals to manifest my intentions for the day.

6.  Get journaling

I journal out any speed wobbles and express my gratitude at the abundance already in my life.

Dreams don’t just happen. Your dream life evolves because you are committed to implementing the small actions which create the feelings which resemble the life of the dream. The more positive actions you take, the more you are living the dream and chasing your own rainbow!

I invite the rainbow energy to wrap around me so I don’t have to chase it.
I simple accept it’s been with me all along!