In clinic I see a lot of stressed individuals. People who have held onto their emotions, their fears, their feelings until it feels like they might explode. Without expressing your ‘stuff’, the negative within is left to fester. Your resilience falls away and the white noise going on in your head begins to circle in a never ending loop.


When the white noise continues, it’s like having a neighbour who plays the loud music constantly.

Your frustration builds.

Your resilience begins to rot away and you can become defensive.


As the resilience falls away, in this fast paced life, if you’ve been stuffing and holding all the ‘stuff’ inside, then it becomes a habit to hang on!

We can literally realign our neural pathways to REACT from a defensive perspective, which in turn affects us subliminally and we don’t even know what we are reacting to.


The first step is acknowledging when you’re not feeling ok. Especially if the negative feelings have been running for a couple of weeks.

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF HOW YOU FEEL. If it’s not great, then make a choice to change.

It’s sometimes not easy to get yourself out of a funk, especially if the pattern has been running for months or years. It takes time to create a habit and henceforth break it down. The trick is to ask yourself how committed are you to yourself and embracing the positive juju.

If you’re struggling with your feelings, that’s a cue to seek professional support to cheer lead you back into a more positive ballpark.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within.