Given we’re having an energetic surge and upgrade this year as we enter a new nine year cycle, what better time to start ramping up the self love and self care regimes?

Is it time to start addressing that negative self talk occurring inside your head? For me, I found when I first started addressing this, I was struck with profound guilt and blame for treating myself so negatively.

Where did that get met? More negative thoughts about self! I could almost hear Dr Phil stating that dreaded question “how’s that working for you?

Now you can react to that statement and hang your head in shame. OR, you can use this question to motivate you to make changes in your life.

Change isn’t immediate, but gradual awareness of your stuff baby steps you into a space of humble acceptance of where you’re at.

Understanding the rules of Law Of Attraction, all abundance is generated with the commencement of thoughts. What you think, you create. That’s a mighty powerful pill to swallow, especially if the thoughts are negative.

One of the key steps to commencing a change process is acknowledging on a conscious level what is going on in your life. The more aware you are, the more clarity you gain of what you want to keep in your life, versus what you want to change. As you become more aware, you are gifting yourself the opportunity to reach that ‘choice point’ – what stays and what goes.

The first step to changing this pattern is to acknowledge what is happening. It’s journalling time with your favourite cup/glass of something, some nice music and if you’re game get into the bath!

Why? Because I want you relaxed! To be honest with yourself you have to get comfortable!

Choose to allow yourself to become aware of what the myriad of thoughts are AND what triggers them.

You may like to explore these scenarios and triggers by writing yourself a love letter. Or try a ‘fuck you’ letter to someone who has recently pushed your buttons. Never send this correspondence. This is your purging gift to release those negative stored feelings.

Allowing this awareness to arise GIFTS you the opportunity to see and feel how those words make you feel and how they may be manifesting into your life. Now take note here. If you’re exhausted from just purging, then allow yourself to rest. This might take you several attempts. There may be tears or anger. Awesome. Go and punch your pillow (not a person) on your bed. Let that negative juju go!

Once you’ve purged a scenario, ask yourself this “is there another time in my life that I have experienced these feelings or trigger scenarios?” This question is designed to help you explore whether this is an isolated incident, or whether in fact, there is a pattern of unresolved emotion.

This is powerful stuff, and it takes time. But the process starts with you reaching a choice point of wanting to change direction, change an old pattern, change a job, change a partner, or, just change the size of the clothes you wear.

Often all of this stuff starts with the crap in our heads.  Is it time for you to declutter and love yourself?

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within, practicising the perfection of you xxx