I often get asked how did I get into kinesiology? I generally take a very deep breath and slow down my mind and smile, because the additional of kinesiology to my life has been an incredible series of chapters in my book of life!

I generally respond with “my first experience with kinesiology was with Dr Charles Krebs in the late 1980s”. My brother was dyslexic and failing mid-range high school because he was struggling to read and write. My mother was open minded enough to try anything to support him to be able to read and write. Six months later and he was not only passing, he was top of the class with an almost identic memory. He went on to dux year 12 and then the entire science faculty at his university institution upon completion of his degree. Kinesiology unlocked his true potential.

For me, my initial reaction was to release anger, and lots of it. My poor mother wasn’t inclined to take me back in a real hurry! I was angry in my teens with little memory of my childhood. I thought that was normal. Turns out, early childhood trauma can cause people to ‘shut down’ memories – who knew??!!!

In my subsequent training, I’ve learnt a lot about the effects of significant life experiences and how the subconscious body responds with alterations to our behavioural patterns. How we respond to shock of losing someone to suicide, or a parent getting sick, or expectations to achieve during exams, are all simple examples.

Studying kinesiology, amongst other things, I’ve spent the last ten years working on my negative based story patterns that I had been running in response to life. Kinesiology empowered me to change the lifestyle mindset where I felt stuck. This amazing modality supported me to defuse stress and swing my life back into a positive space rather than dwelling in a negative void.

We all have stuff – right? Of course we do! We inherit the patterns of whatever and wherever our parents were (in their stuff) at the time when we were conceived. We are also affected by our environment– the food we eat, the technology we use, the people we interact with and our experiences. Is it any wonder we get stressed! The thing I love about kinesiology is the ability of the modality to bring a person back onto their line of recuperation so they can recuperate themselves.

Over the last decade, I returned to kinesiology due to a health crisis, triggered by stress that was held in my body with an association to some genetic patterns. I had reached a point whereby I was no longer be able to utilise western medicine fully. I also had a realisation during this time, that I was responsible for my health.

I sought out a modality whereby the stress could be defused, and I could power myself forward on my journey path. I liken the process of this awakening and evolution, similar to the joy of catching a rainbow for a moment or two. I am now motivated to chase rainbows all the time – because I want my life to be positive and filled with energetic joyous gratitude. My wish is that I can share this ability to have joy in life with all I encounter. I am living proof it’s possible.

Kinesiology has gifted me the release of a chronic illness, namely Crohns Disease. That said I am now very conscious about my wellbeing and take exceptionally good care of myself. Kinesiology has become somewhat of a lifestyle, because it’s afforded me access to so much more science, just from a different aspect and point of view. It’s given me health, a child, a happy marriage and loving relationships. It also continues to deliver me a lifestyle whereby my pace of work to life is balanced and well managed.

I now embrace my race at my pace.