My heart says thank you!

Congratulations! You’ve secured your place in the June Heart Meditation circle!

I am so excited for you to join me in this experience.

To ensure you are able to maximise this meditation experience I have created a very short meditative recording, This is designed to allow you to practice immersing into the energy of your heart. Signup below to receive this free bonus.

Together we shall explore how to intepret any arising information.

What does one bring to meditation?

  • Comfy light colored clothes!
  • A lightweight blanket
  • Journal & pen
  • Meditation cushion or yoga mat (or both)
  • Water bottle
  • Be sure to bring an open mind and an intention to connect with your heart!

Heart Meditation Venue

I am so excited to announce that each Heart Meditation session will again offered at the incredible 65 Queens (65 Queens Parade Traralgon)! Go to the round-a-bout!!!

Please note there are only 5 parking spots onsite.

Sharing our respect for neighbours, there is an abundance of parking on the oval side of Hickox Street (literally right around the corner) – please do not park in front of residential homes.