What is My Dharma?

Have you ever wondered how people manifest anything they want?

Perhaps you’ve tried using the techniques of the Law of Attraction, only to give up because you struggle to connect with the vision of your dream life?

Does this leave you scratching your head wondering where you are at in life?

Feeling frustrated or stuck? Perhaps you’re feeling uncertain about how to steer your unique truth north and feel like you’ve lost your way?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word which translates to ‘right direction’. Therefore when you actively explore your dharma, you are immersing yourself into a quest to gain perspective of your purpose, passion and power. This exploration is an assessment of whether you are pointing true north in your journey life and fulfilling your highest purpose.

Your dharma isn’t something you search for or find outside of yourself.

Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to share with others. It’s not failure if you realise it would be helpful to have a guide light your path and find your way forward again!

This is an online and unique intuitive meditation experience whereby I guide you to:

  • Define your dharma through observation of you living your precious life
  • Understand how you honour your life path, or dharma
  • Create a mission statement to remind you how to remain on true course, always pointing north.

When we are connected to our dharma, even though life can throw us experiences that generate emotional high or low responses, we can remind ourselves of our true purpose. This enables us to celebrate the wins, to accept the defeats or lessons being learnt.

Acceptance of our dharma provides an energetic space to expand and create balance in our lives. The dharma intention you create enables you to build the platform from which you ground into. Re-evaluation of your dharma is like inspecting the footings of your home, ensuring strength and support to move forward.

Embracing our dharma creates a desire, deep within, that keeps us pointed to our true north. Your dharma starts with connecting to you heart space which seeds positive thoughts ….

Keep your thoughts positive,

because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive,

because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive,

because your behavior becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive,

because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive,

because your values become your destiny.” ~ Gandhi

Discovering your dharma enables you to assess are you holding back?

  • are you claiming your desires?
  • Are you speaking your truth
  • are you embracing full expression of who you really are?
  • are you stepping into your power as you embrace your passion?

What is your purpose?

Do you listen to the messages of the universe that are specifically and unique to you or do you make excuses or stories to distract you from your path?

For example are you distracted by food? Alcohol? Social media drama? Do you feel overwhelmed by the events of the pandemic? Are you perhaps struggling with identifying what your future may look like or stuck in uncertainty?

Let me ask you this instead-

  • how do you surrender all that stuff in your head which distracts you?
  • what opportunity can you use to let go of your worry, fear, or pain?
  • how could you connect deeper into compassion or gratitude and love for yourself?
  • how do you surrender to the need to know what happens next and just enjoy this moment right now?

How do you come to understand your Dharma or life purpose?

It’s that little voice within you, that tugs at your heart, that niggles away to grab your attention. It’s the whispers from your gut instinct of what is your true path. Following your Dharma can lead you along your life path as well as day to day. The key question is do you listen to the messages your heart sends you?

The universe drops crumbs along the path that you walk, directing you which way to go. Do you pay attention? Do you like do you allow yourself to follow the crumbs?

why do we do what we do? what is this calling that we have?

Why? Why? Why?

Asking the why question enables you to go deeper than the superficial statement of who am I this pushes you through your shenpa or discomfort.

Coming to understand who you are is a process. It takes practice to slow down long enough to pay attention. You have an entire lifetime to figure out who you really are – and that is an evolution in progress.

It can feel a little scary to explore within. Often this space feels dark, and this is because you simply haven’t shone light on your hidden treasure yet. You have to put a little skin in the game and be prepared to show your belly.

When I step into the vulnerability of my full Dharma, I am enough. I recognise and understand the fear associated with exploring deep within. Through a consistent practice of exploring who I am and shining my light, I have come to learn how to hold space and feel secure to explore. This in turn grants participants permission to explore what is in their own heart and to create a deeper and more engaged connection with themselves.

When you feel more comfortable by yourself more of your light and essence comes through and shines brightly to the world.

My Offer

What our journey together will include…

🧘‍♀️ 1 hour zoom session with me, exploring your Dharma (purpose in life).

🧘‍♀️ Discover and release your fears / doubts that are holding you back from connecting to your Dharma.

🧘‍♀️ You will receive your own ‘Dharma Conenction Meditation’ for you to use in your own self-devotion practice to strengthen your Dharma alignment.

Your investment is an open heart and $110.

Would you like to join me?

What does one bring to meditation?

  • Organise a private quiet space for our zoom gathering
  • Comfy light coloured clothes!
  • A lightweight blanket
  • Journal & pen
  • Meditation cushion or comfortable chair

And finaly, be sure to bring an open mind and heart, and an intention to connect with your dharma!

We are all born with a purpose, yet our busy lives cause is to forget who we really are and why we are here.

Our upbringing and experiences have caused us to create reactive behavioural patterns to elements of life which draws us off our path.

The more of these behaviours and habits you can let go of, the more you can align to your path. The more connected to your path, the more you activate your internal true north compass. It’s already inside of you, just waiting for you to connect.

Dharma Meditation sessions are available by appointment only. 

About Karen

Change Facilitator

Karen Humphries is a Kinesiology Practitioner, Health & Business Coach, self-confessed laughaholic and joy seeker. She learnt to use meditation with other modalities to recover from a traumatic experience, and fell in love with the modality so much she is learnt to teach it!

She loves being of service to the world with her humorous and positive approach to life, encouraging people to ‘choose to change and bloom from within.’ 

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