5 Questions To Identify What Is Enough

5 Questions To Identify What Is Enough

Five questions to dig deep on what is really important


I’ve had a lot of down time in the last three years.

Way too much time to think – about everything. I’ll admit to overthinking at times, and those mental processes which so easily take you down a rabbit hole.

The question I’ve had to ask myself constantly as I readjust to a new life is this – what is enough?

This is what I’ve figured out…

Is climbing the hamster wheel, in search of the ultimate happiness (or success) mountain peak going to be enough?

The answer is always ‘no’.

Some people are surprised by the answer and my reply is this. There’s always another mountain to climb. But if I don’t pause to enjoy the scenery of where I’m at, and appreciate the difficulty of this present climb – then why the hell am I doing it?

There is no ultimate destination. Our humanness dictates that we have a limitless amount of destinations to visit. But are you open to visiting as many as you can?

This blind frantic climb of ‘achievement mountain’ is actually a falsehood. The destination of achieving a single outcome in order to achieve happiness and contentment is called ‘nowhere’.

Achievement is a singular point in time. When you arrive at achievement, whether it be a purchase or completion of a project, there’s little to no space to mentally or emotionally appreciate the lessons you’ve encountered along the way. There’s no capacity to embrace the gift of the experience.

Outcomes are singular points in time. Some are fabulous, but they are temporary and transient.

So to ask yourself “what is enough?” actually relates to the energy and mindset you invest in the journey to achieving the outcome you desire.

What I’ve come to learn is that what I want enough of is, laughter and connection to those I love. It’s that simple. My answer is that I seek to jam as much of that in each and every day as I can.

I chase the joy bubbles, because they don’t last unless I embody those feelings and make that part of my vibrational being. This is how I infuse positivity into every fibre of my being, so that joy translates from a momentary thought to throughout my entire being.

I’ve also got a very clear mandated boundaries of the things I don’t want – drama, chaos, rushing, stuff. That’s not what I want, and anything vibrating in that stuff is always way too much. I work each day to steer me away from the destination of crapville.

So let me ask you these five questions which may support you to discern what is enough for you in your life?

When thinking of your dream life, how has it evolved over your life? Is what is important  enough and has that matured with you over time?

Is your sense of fulfilment or definition of enough, invested in the external quick fix?

Is what is important to you, connected to a thought or a feeling, or is it defined by how much stuff you acquire?

How do you measure what is enough?

How do you acknowledge when the cup is full of what all this enough is?


Focussing on what is important, can support you to achieve alignment to the feeling of your enough – that moment when you fully embrace the joy bubbles, and sticking those moments together.

Becoming a joy seeker, by aligning to those internal feelings allows you to focus on the feeling of your true north. This is what is enough, to stay on track.

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