A Spiritual Awakening Is Just Muggle Speak For …

A Spiritual Awakening Is Just Muggle Speak For …

I recently had a client in my clinical practice, weeping and sobbing.

She’d been accused of changing during the pandemic by her husband. She agreed with him and responded “you’re right, I’ve had a spiritual awakening”.

He didn’t like it. Not one bit. They fought. He told her that she was different now, and he wanted the woman he married before children. He wanted the woman who was once

  • carefree and vivacious
  • liked to have fun
  • had all the time in the world for him
  • loved wild, passionate, hot monkey sex

I told this client that a spiritual awakening is simply muggle speak for loving yourself.

Let’s clarify something — most of us are hot to trot in our twenties.

When we are young, we often lack inhibitions and therefore willing to try all sorts of things in life. And most importantly we are energized to undertake those activities.

There’s a reason for all that energy — it’s not spread out anywhere yet. It’s all yours. All that golden bright light is yours. Your days, your time, your joy is yours to do with as you please.

And then the shift comes as soon as the babies arrive. Your investment in others meanders, causes your heart spark to spread outside of yourself. You are no longer the center of your attention whilst the babes need you for survival and nurturing.

There is a shift within relationships as we share the load of the babies in our home. Traditionally the societal expectation and conditioning infers that the woman remains at home as the home maker and nurturer.

Any parent, regardless of gender, will tell you that active parenting is challenging. Showing up constantly to be the parent you choose to be can be exhausting. And you tend to lose a little of yourself whilst parenting young children.

The act of parenting creates a form of disassociation from your heart — that space deep deep inside. All that giving separates you from that inner part of you, where your calling resides. Where your inner child listens and feels to every experience you have. Whilst this space is physically small, it is energetically enormous.

This sacred space holds your inner treasure and alignment to your soul space.

Sometimes your inner self, (that inner child) can no longer hold onto all the fear, or the pain, or the worry, or the thoughts. All that emotional energy must spill out. This causes us to shed tears and provide some semblance of release.

When we hang onto all that unprocessed emotional energy, we pause our maturation. We pause our growth. Our evolution stalls.

The thoughts, feelings and attitudes that trigger us boil within, much like a rumbling volcano.

This causes the frustration, anger, and rage to build until we explode — volcano eruption.

The bread winner who leaves the home each day for work, may wonder where their partner has disappeared when fronted with these exploding emotions.

It’s quite common for the breadwinner to experience confusion at their mate’s despair. For they are unaware of the cabin fever experienced by their partner. They aren’t observing the lack of adult conversation or stimulation. They are oblivious to the boredom and simple desire for connection -not sex.

It stands to reason, that when one partner leaves the house each day and experiences the joy of stimulation of variety — different places and people. The person left behind has the experience of too much time to think combined with a temporary loss of identity (you become someone’s parent).

And the search for self begins. When you feel so lost and detached from yourself, the motivation to find yourself again is high. You become a seeker, of your own truth.

This is the beginning of the spiritual awakening.

For those entertained with the outside life, the thought of the spiritual awakening can be quite intimidating and often misunderstood. It can feel threatening to pay witness to your partner to evolve and actively become a seeker of truth.

The person on the spiritual awakening can change in front of your eyes.

After all, a spiritual awakening is simply a state of mind and heart harmony whereby you learn to like yourself, accept yourself, respect yourself. Your spiritual awakening is your journey to love yourself.

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