Why Lasso The Moon

Why Lasso The Moon

10 Coaching Questions To Illuminate Your Life

Regardless of your belief system or spirituality, you don’t need to howl at the moon to gain a benefit. You might even think the rising sun each day has no influence on you — and that’s ok. What you may not realise is that the full moon can illuminate aspects of your life!

Every full moon gifts us the chance to embrace opposition energies — the sun and the moon.

Opposition is like a pot-stirring, or the kettle beginning to bubble and boil. This results in an internal tension that is simply a reflection of your external environment.

What do we feel when we experience tension?

Hands up if you’re ticking any of the following in the feels department:

  • impatient
  • cranky
  • fatigue
  • sleeplessness

During a full moon, you may experience an internal restlessness within yourself which can bring about a myriad of emotions. 

There is one key thing to note when working with the opposition energy of a full moon. You have to surrender to the fight that often ensues when exploring yourself. 

You have to allow yourself to see the bigger picture and gather all the nuances of information and insight. To do this, you need light to illuminate what has been hidden.

When we pause and allow our observation skills to see our true reality, we are gifting ourselves the chance to realise what we may have been resisting or hanging onto.

What we resist persists. 

So the lunar gift of opposition energy heightens the feelings centre, to enable you to acknowledge where and what could be released from within your world.

We can utilise the light of a full moon to illuminate more of ourselves. We can deep dive, reflect and explore where there may be opposition in our life. This reflection may identify a key, open a door, or permit you to make tiny changes to achieve the life you want.

Here are ten questions to enlighten your journaling reflection on life right now.

Choose the first question that resonates for you and deep dive into your heart for the answers to arrive.

  1. How can you best use your energy to be productive?

2. What might you need to do more/less to receive healing energy?

3. How and when can you practice self-care?

4. How can you stay focussed and grounded?

5. How can you remain positive to achieve the outcome you want?

6. How can you nudge or buffer the edges of your comfort zone to allow expansion?

7. How can you best navigate confrontation?

8. What do you need to make peace with your past? Can you now let that old story go?

9. How can you best remain open to welcoming new beginnings?

10. What might you require to boost your capacity to trust that life is unfolding divinely?

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer here. There is only illumination of your truth.


Regardless of your beliefs about the moon, despite your spirituality, what might you learn about your life by utilising the full moon’s opposition energy?

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