The Darkest Days

The Darkest Days

Ride The Winter Solstice Energetic Wave

Many dread and fear the season of winter. The darkness, or perhaps lack of light, is the physical reminder that there’s no escaping a season of impending hibernation.

A depression sets in as the trees begin to change colour and shed their leaves. The wind breathes deeply, and the temperature drops. It’s at this point the dread arrives with the cold, crisp air.

But what if you could embrace seasonal evolution? 

What if you could utilise the winter solstice as a time of deep contemplation and reflection?

Living in alignment with nature and it’s cycles, supports our own celebration of the internal mind and body rhythms. We naturally sync our internal world to our external. This can illuminate the path to the connection of your true north.

We all have an innate knowing of the changes we need to make in order to adapt to the season and changing external environment.

  1. Construct an evergreen wreath to hang inside
  2. Clear away all debris from your front door
  3. Create a candle alter
  4. Journal what you have achieved so far this year
  5. Sit in front of a log fire or flames

Create a fire ritual

A colleague was recently sharing one of her solstice rituals is Fire Gazing. The act of simply watching an open fire can be deeply relaxing, as well as being a very simple form of meditation. 

What I didn’t realise, is fire gazing is an excellent tonic for your Kidney energy/chi. Your Kidney and Bladder meridians (energetic communication pathways) are the most active during Winter and the ones to nurture during this cold period. 

Most of my clients don’t realise that our kidneys store the energy of fear.

If you don’t have an outdoor fire pit, utilise several candles as a cluster, group. You can even create an alter. I recommend night time with all the other sources of light turned off is best as then you can truly focus on the flames. 

Do it alone, or if you’re with someone, do it in silence. Enjoy the vibrant rhythmic dance of the flames.

Picture my hypnotic voice inviting you to allow your gaze to soften whilst you watch the flames flicker … breathe slowly in and out, allowing your mind to quieten. In this moment, thoughts can simply come and go, flowing with each breathe.

No one wanting anything from you. 

No one needing anything from you in this moment.

Looking at those flames flicker, and just surrender to your breath.

Allow your imagination to wander… allow yourself to drop deeper and deeper into contemplation. 

Gift yourself permission to not need any expectations. Just let go of every day thoughts and allow the flames to transport you.

Simply allow a profound sense of rest to wash over you, as you watch the flames flicker.

Allow the flames to transport you to feel rooted to the Earth and all her elements.

Our love of watching fires contains a potency which can transport you to a deep ancestral memory that evokes a sense of safety and belonging. Our tribal self has visceral memories of gathering around a fire to cook, eat, connect and commune.

The perception of safety comes from not feeling alone. The warmth of the flames invokes an internal security.

All of these feelings of community can create a beautiful connection to your Kidney energy/chi which is the storehouse of your vitality. When you feel safe, you restore your adrenal energy to feel good.

I’ve been doing this little ritual since the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. But the energy of winter, and the ensuing hibernation is perfect to possibly anchor in what you want to leave in the depths of the cold as we start to head out to longer days.


However you decide to explore your darkest days, think about incorporating a fire ritual into your life! Drop me a line with how it works for you!

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