A Warning To Solopreneurs

A Warning To Solopreneurs

Don’t be fooled by the sharks, bots or scammers

I delete spam comments daily on my social sites. You have to be able to discern who is visiting your site and you have to read between the lines for possible scammers, cheats and time-wasters.

I delete all references that look like this-

Heey, great post. Share it to all arseholes located at @areholeland who have 100,000s followers.

Here’s why…

1. Check the spelling!

Any post that starts with “Heey” is your indicator of an impending sales pitch. Hit the block, then the delete buttons instantly. They are wasting your time.

2. Share it to …..

There is never a free ticket in life. You always have to pay in some way, whether it be money or some form of energy exchange.

When you are encouraged to share something to a different location, this is sales speak spam! The language itself is code for “please purchase some air space and I’ll get a percentage cut of what you pay.

3. The accounts aren’t real

Be aware if the ‘person’ making a comment on your fabulous post has no likes or followers. It’s likely to be a bot. We’ve all seen the promos to purchase 10K likes — well, that’s part of how they do it. They use algorithm machines to activate discussion traffic on your site, and direct traffic to your site based on #hashtag themes you nominate.

4. The importance of your network

If there is a genuine invitation to visit a site, there will be an actual person on the end of the account. They will have posts and have shared something with the world.

Even if they share nothing, there should still be pages they follow.

Numbers don’t lie, if there aren’t any on the account, then hit the block and delete buttons. Keep moving, nothing to see here folks.

A genuine invitation will hopefully eventuate because you’re growing your existing professional network. These are the very best shares to acquire.

5. Get curious

Sometimes you may receive DMs (direct messages) to your account with a sales pitch. Be sure to check the business as you may find the needle in the haystack and that larger company may just very well be interested in you and your product.

The reality is they are likely seeking free endorsement and advertising by gifting you a sample of the product.

Warning — read the disclosure statements carefully. You may stumble into an agreement by which you could be dispensed a product to sell, or liable to pay for post promotions on their site.

6. Check the integrity of the referral sites

I encourage all my business mentoring clients to explore the integrity of the promo site you’ve been directed to. Review the quality of posts including graphics and copy, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does their vibe align with yours?
  • Is there a clear strategy or message achieved?
  • Does that strategy align with your own strategy, values and beliefs?
  • Are there a bunch of cheap-looking practitioners, authors, or coaches — if yes, block that page (so it can’t be tagged in a message to you again)

7. Genuine growth

I’ve challenged alleged highly acclaimed coaches who have stalked me in an effort to engage in sales conversations. Sure they can start out complimentary, but more often than not, there’s a sales pitch sent by the third message.

This indicates a bot or pre-planned message strategy has been engaged.

Sometimes there’s a real person involved who challenges me with the enticing question — “wouldn’t you want to grow your social site to 100K?

I have been known to reply with the witty “why would you presume I’m not successful with my current strategy?” I’ve had real people respond with apologies when I challenge their integrity.

Here’s the thing.

  • I have over 1000 clients in my database
  • I am always booked three months in advance
  • I post with authenticity and integrity and strong feminine vibration
  • I don’t sell my soul on tiktok trying to ride a skateboard
  • I don’t mime songs on reels
  • I don’t sell snake potion or promise a quick fix

What you see is me consistently showing up and achieving organic growth. Whilst I may only have 1.5K followers, I know most of them by their first names!

I know my niche. I know my audience. I know the key message. I know who I want to attract and how to talk to them.

We have a relationship. That’s worth more than hundreds of thousands of followers who never show up or truly engage on my sites.

I discern my audience and the boundaries of a professional practitioner.

I recognise and celebrate I’m not as big as NIKE. I am one hundred per cent okay with that. Sending me a “heey” message and thinking you can capitalise, buy or dip into my brand and reputation that I’ve built over two decades just won’t cut it.


The next time you receive a “heey … share it here” message, can I invite you to use the tips above, and discern the integrity of the comment? If your vibe doesn’t align, delete and block!

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