Assess Your Vibe today!

Register to Assess Your Vibrational Frequency Today

You can easily conduct a rapid, in the moment snapshot assesment of your vibrationational frequency. I use the online NES Health Scan.

All you will need to register and create an account in the NES Health Portal, using Karen’s practitioner account.

Please notethat the NES Health Portal will ask for your email + address + mobile phone number – so it knows where to send notification of product postage etc.

Once registered, you can then perform a ‘voice scan‘.

Conduct your first remote voice based frequency assessment today by visiting the NES HEALTH portal once registered and login into your account you’ve just created.

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How to Login To The NES PORTAL

First you must register your account via my practitioner page. See link above.

Click the link below to access the NES HEALTH PORTAL.

Perform Your Remote Voice Assessment

You can perform a remote voice assessment as often as every week.

The scan report porvides you with a story of how vibrant your energy systems – your bioresonance – are functioning.

The report provides information much like kinesiology and includes emotional, mental, physical and energetic systems infomation.


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