Heart Connection

Heart Connection

Karen offers a boutique 90 minute monthly alchemy transformation experience to learn how to open, and work from your heart.

Karen has created participants a unique transformation experience in her ‘Heart Connection’ Group experience.

She utilises a number of relaxation and healing modalities including Intuitive Heart Meditation, Wellness Coaching, Resource Therapy, NLP, and CBT to provide participants with a gentle and peaceful practice.

When we experience peace, we can break down resistance to change to restore calm in your life.

The combination of tools empowers participants to take a quantum leap in spiritual growth. When you activate the power of your natural born alchemy, you enable light charged transformation.

Heart Connection is a gorgeous way to gently release and cleanse negative emotions from your spiritual heart.

Regular practice of Heart Connection can support you to reduce your experience of stress and anxiety.

Activation of your heart spark helps you to feel calmer, more peaceful, and joyful in your daily life. This spark is your connection to your true source, god, universe, call it what you want.

Heart Connection is simple and can be practiced by virtually anyone.

Participants of Heart Connection report feeling

  • relaxed and chilled
  • “returned to their journey path”
  • “reminded of their ability to simply sit and breathe”

What we are aiming for is a space for you to create within so that you can let go of the thinking and begin to connect and focus on the arising or packed down emotions.

What you will need to bring to this session:

  • a quiet space to undertake personal journey work
  • a light blanket
  • a water bottle
  • a journal and pen
  • and an open mind that is committed to change!

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