Do you struggle with Winter Blues?

Perhaps the winter solstice (the shortest day of light) triggers old stuff for you? 

I have an incredibly generous colleague who creates ‘change essences‘.

I have been using these specific essences for over a decade now and adore their simplicity and power to shift me out of a funk.

Geraldine Gallagher (Essence of Change) has an offer on right now. I’m grabbing this offer for myself and given the price thought I’d share it with you too!

Current Winter Abundance Offer 2021…


Three Single Essences for $65. (Value $87.85)

Please be advised stock is SOLD OUT. Karen can tailor make you a kit, send email with your request.

With the approaching WINTER, we have Camellia. When feeling emotionally shattered, physically depleted and spiritually challenged… this essence rekindles our faith in the future and gives us strength to move forward.

Plum Blossom reminds us to listen to our own truth without our judgement being clouded by the opinions of others.
Ancestral Code exposes cultural expectations, judgements and anxieties. This essence liberates you and offers opportunities to explore your world.
The Synergy of Three Winter Essences brings security!
You can work with one of these individual essences or you can work with all three in a sequence!

Suggested Dosage:

Camellia for 3 days, Plum Blossom for 3 days, then Ancestral Code for 3 days, and repeat.  Place drops under the tongue or in a glass of water.
The cycle of three activates movement in your energy systems that consolidate your future plans for an abundant summer harvest of abundance.
This simple system prepares you for the coming season!
Please email Karen via support@karenhumphries.net.au to arrange your own personalised bottles of these fabulous change essences today.
Wishing you a wonderful winter solstice. Gift yourself an early Christmas in July Abundance boost!