You’ve fatigued your body by over stimulating your sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight response. You’ve fatigued your adrenal glands.

Our adrenal glands sit on-top of your kidneys and are responsible for the regulation of your metabolism, blood pressure and other homeostatic functions.

Here’s a little fact about triggering the sympathetic nervous system. It’s a normal function we have from the cave man days, designed to prime our bodies to run from a sabre tooth tiger. When the sympathetics are triggered, our digestion is paused as are our hormonal systems. Why? Because we won’t be making babies or eating a meal if the tiger is right in front of us. We’ll be defending ourselves, running like crazy or become halted like a meerkat.

But in today’s modern age, we activate this ‘defence system’ ALL THE TIME!

How I hear you ask? Well inflammatory foods like sugar and additives will trigger the sympathetics. Blue light from electrical devices also triggers the defence system. This is often why some of us have trouble sleeping at night, after exposure to blue light from the tv, phone or tablet before bed.

The mixed messages within society that woman are capable of having and doing it all is a fallacy.  Whilst you might have it all, are you enjoying it? Or are you too tired, can’t be bothered, unmotivated?

Here’s some signs your adrenals (and you are fatigued):

  • Sleep all night, but wake tired or wake during the night and therefore you’re left feeling fatigued
  • Unmotivated to do anything new
  • Want to stick to routine (ie might need to feel like you’re in control)
  • Sometimes feel like life is completely out of control
  • Get heightened when a small thing falls out of your control
  • Have odd digestive issues whereby a food trigger isn’t obvious
    • Abdominal pain
    • nausea
    • diarrhea
  • Fatigue in the afternoon, like we’re talking crashing your car into a pole!
  • Salt cravings
  • Low blood sugars
  • Anxiety
  • Weight which won’t shift
  • Irritability
  • Blood pressure challenges
  • Brain fog
  • Darkened pigmentation around eyes
  • Hair loss (I almost hear the ladies gasp)
  • Constant stress
  • Joint pain

It’s quite the list isn’t it!

Therefore, consider the following small actions to start remedying the tired adrenals, and reverse the fatigue – for good. Note adrenal fatigue is not a quick fix and can take months to reverse. But putting yourself first and nurturing your beautiful body goes a long way towards feeling better within yourself.

So, what can you do?

  1. Reduce daily caffeine intake,
    1. try to limit to morning only if you must, and
    2. decaffeinated in the afternoon.
  2. Reduce meal sizes, so eat a little, but often
  3. Eat more protein
  4. Avoid the sweeties fix
  5. Drink more water and have a little Himalayan salt (like the tip of your finger not the whole salt shaker) to it or your food
  6. Gentle exercise only, no punishing yourself at the gym!
  7. No blue light stimulation after 7pm (go searching for your ‘twilight’ or ‘red light’ app on your electronic devices)

Reversal of adrenal fatigue is time consuming. So, adjust your expectation that a week of sleeping well will resolve this issue. Remember you’ve neglected your normal rhythms for years – it might take a while to return to your normal groovy pace.

You can choose to change and bloom from within xxx