I’m a bit of a go getter. In fact, those who know me often laugh at my struggles to sit still. There are times I would even question whether I am high functioning spectrum quirkiness as my creative brain rarely sits still.

On the other hand my gorgeous friends and family openly admire my tenacity to go after what I want. I’m sure this is how I naturally attract colleagues and coaching clients, I’ve been there at the start and built my business up from nothing. I’ve tried dozens of different things in an effort to achieve success. I’ve bombed out a lot, but gosh I’ve learnt so much about myself and business systems along the way. It’s taken a while but I figured out my ‘why’!

For the most part I have ticked off the really big goals in life – getting married and having children and building a successful business. I don’t refence my business as small anymore, because for me, my business is an extension of who I am. What you see is what you will experience within a clinical or coaching session. And when you purchase one of my coaching bundles or services, that too is where I share all my ‘lessons learnt’ because I want you to succeed as much as I have.

So one of my remaining goals for the remainder of 2019 is to be fully booked and promoting client bookings into the new year. Additionally, based on my clinic client load, I am also highly motivated to be of service to those struggling with stress during the festive season, so that they too can experience joy.

I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction, and, utilising those principles to manifest what I want in life and business. For example, this morning I counted how many available appointments I have between now and Christmas, and I’m still shaking my head that it’s already September! So I’m down to 168 vacancies remaining for the year.


Part of my normal business strategy, as soon as I hit 150 vacancies, I begin my familiar ‘Buddy the Elf’ campaign to ensure future bookings for regular clients. I have successfully used this campaign several years in a row. I have all the copy (content words) and the graphics simply need a date change and that component of work is done.

More importantly, my regular clients are familiar with this type of post within my social media pages, and, utilise this as a cue to book their sessions in advance to ensure they get the day and time they want. This system now runs itself. And small business should be all about smooth systems, so that when you want to do something new, or hitting a familiar time period of intended sales (like Christmas), the processes are in place to support you achieving success.

I am a huge fan of the Law of Attraction principles. I commence the process of manifesting abundance by first visualising the dream. Using the example above, a fully booked clinic calendar. That is the dream afterall, to be successful – to make the sales whilst not killing yourself in the process. Refer to my Blog – Manifest Your Dreams for details on Law of Attraction.

Once I’ve visualised a fully booked clinic calendar, I set about creating a launch strategy. This is where I refer back to my ‘why’. What service am I providing and why am I so motivated by it? So using the example above, creating a marketing strategy for the upcoming Christmas festive season (as early as September) means I generate time for myself to do the following:

  • Create graphics with quotes;
  • Create copy to associate with each graphic; and then
  • Create and schedule social media posts.

The launch strategy incorporates reviewing dialogued shared with my by clients in relation to the festive season. You see part of my systems includes making notes of stress symptoms experienced at specific times of year, and then marketing to my niche audience – using their language.

I find the trick with marketing is to use a formula when creating copy. Actively ask your audience about their stress symptom, and we could call this a negative question. Then ask whether they want to feel the opposite (ie how they will feel after receiving your service). Then suggest your service to resolve their problem. It might look something like this …

“Do you dread the thought of spending time with extended family at Christmas time?

Are you Wanting to put the joy back into your festive season?

Consider a kinesiology session today to defuse the stress associated with this time of the year, to enable you to feel empowered to set boundaries on what is acceptable behaviour for you and your family.”

So if your goal is to smash the remaining quarter of this year, get busy with your marketing strategy now. Check out my Festive Graphics Bundle now available to support you in quickly creating your marketing strategy for Christmas 2019! There’s enough graphics for a month’s worth of posts, an instructional video and a bonus guide on how to manifest clients this festive season!

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