Autumn is a beautiful season. It’s where the colours are constantly changing as is the energy all around us. Autumn is the season whereby we catalogue all the successes we achieved from the goals we set ourselves to achieve during the peak of summer solstice. It’s like we’re coming off the summer abundance high.

The leaves change from luscious abundant growth green, to a golden hue. Almost like a final reminder of what was. A final hurrah if you will before the leaves die and fall to the ground to return to the earth.

As we pass the autumn equinox (the changing of the season), the days get shorter and a little cooler. It’s a slow process, but we’re inclined to go within a little more each day as the daylight recedes. And that’s ok. It’s almost as if our bodies are guided by the daylight recession, and we grow quieter in our energy levels. We find ourselves more reflective on the success of our intentions set at the new year (for those of us in the southern hemisphere).

It’s a natural process, and autumn is the perfect season to allow nature to show you how to gently exposure your shadow, your truths so that your light can shine brightly. It’s a process and here’s my top tips for approaching the job!

So we could use the analogy of becoming like a tree, and as the leaves fall, we allow ourselves to expose our truth. We can clearly see our magnificent trunks and branches and admire how they support us during the abundance of summer. Remember the leaves are just an illusion of the past, the summer. And now it’s time to self reflect on what branches may need to be pruned!

For those who are actively participating in my coaching group, we spent quite a bit of time utilising Law of Attraction techniques to clearly identify our goals for the coming year, and nine year cycle. We started this process dreaming of the life we want to be living.

This year is special in that we are subliminally assessing what has worked over the last nine-year cycle. As we enter the next cycle in this  magnificent year of change, we invested a lot of effort to focus on our emotional juice – the feel goods! You know, the good juju!

1. Spend some quiet time reflecting on what makes you feel good.

A little time spent each day affords you the gift of connecting with self. This connection works two-fold – for you can connect with your light (your strength) and your shadow (your areas requiring your attention and perhaps more courage).

Remember you shadow is merely undiscovered treasure within!

Now that we have entered autumn, we are ready to reconnect with self and ensure we have strayed off our intended path. This is the time to reflect, are we regularly undertaking activities that make us feel fulfilled?That we are undertaking all those actions we promised ourselves. Most importantly, we should be utilising this quieter time to reconnect to our feelings and ensure we are meeting our needs on a daily basis.

  2. Expose your truth, get honest with self

Prior to the new year, we set our intention to work towards living our dream life. Part of this process incorporated identifying and connecting with what made you feel good. The energy of autumn, allows us to drop any illusion which may have swayed us from our journey path.

Just as the leaves fall from the tree, the branches are exposed so that we can assess the growth of the tree. We can clearly see which branches may need pruning or shaping for spring growth.

The analogy here, is to utilise this autumn energy, whereby we can possibly feel somewhat exposed to take this oportunity to look within. To view self with honesty and integrity for your forward growth. Ask yourself, what might have stopped you, caused procrastination or gotten in the way of your motivation to change?

3. Be Gentle With Yourself

So you set aside some quiet time to go within. You’ve identified where your old habits have kicked in and prevented you realising your dream life. It’s critical to be kind to yourself as you identified any area(s) of your life whereby you perceive you haven’t succeeded with your new year’s intention.

Let me be clear, this awareness is the gift. For you have consciously identified another barrier which may have prevented you from achieiving your dream life. This is you shining your light!

So be gentle with yourself as you claim your awareness.

4. Put your big girl pants on!

When we start our journey of looking within, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. I find myself consistently reminding my clients that your shadow isn’t anything you really don’t know about yourself!

You just haven’t acknowledged it on a conscious level yet!

So be brave as you peel back layers of your stuff! Put your big girl pants, it’s just your old stuff waiting to be exposed into your light.

5. Believe in yourself

As you embrace your courage and embrace your strengths, and weaknesses, believe that you are in control of your journey path.

Remember you can choose to change and bloom from within xxx