Welcome to Sacred Circle

Welcome to the Sacred Circle. This is an 8-session commitment to yourself. It’s designed to support those people wanting to deepen their connection to self and their intuition as they walk their journey path.

In these sessions I’ll be sharing the soul science prented in my book – This Is My Roar!

Kicking off March 2022.

There’s something magical about the gathering of women. A sacred circle invites the ancient power within us all to manifest and support all participants. It provides us with a tribal sense of community.

I can’t begin to express my delight and gratitude at your presence here in my sacred circle. This is a long time in thought, dreaming, intention, planning and ultimate creation.

I am now ready to step out of my comfort zone of working with people 1:1, and create a space for groups of those wanting to make proactive changes in their life.

I am now ready to shine my light and allow people to see the real me – scars and all.

I’m ready to stand in the imperfection of my perfection and lead by example – that we are all divinely gorgeous and deserving of self love.

This is your invitation for you to work with me, collectively in a Sacred Circle group!

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

– Napoleon Hill

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”

– Carol Saline

I launched this eight-module course in 2021. I’ve designed it for anyone who wants to make positive self-empowered changes in their life. The course delves into…

  • A gentle and space to commence a deep exploration of self
  • Learn to create a safe heart-connection with self including healing breathwork in guided intuitive meditations
  • Learn the science and practical skills to calm your body and central nervous system away from anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • Learn ways to begin to listen and trust in your own intuitive knowings
  • Experience a group setting where sacred space is held for you to gather, share and heal
  • Experience varied methods of meditation techniques
  • Explore our energetic bodies through the Chakras
  • Learn techniques to let go of negativity, and release pain

All written materials have been uploaded into my online training portal. Each monthly module contains a recorded meditation for you to use within your own devotional practice. Regular and consistent practice supports you to change your subconscious habits.

These live monthly modules are created as new and/or extended deeper experiences into self. Each module aims to offer you opportunities to practice your new skills, in a safe and sacred space with like-minded people.

What do I aim to achieve?

My aim is to

  • Provide you with the opportunity to take on complete self-responsibility for yourself, by learning to connect with and listen to your own inner knowing / intuition
  • Teach you how to strengthen your Nervous System to let go of stress, anxiety and overwhelm through specific breathing and heart connection techniques
  • Create a safe, inclusive, supportive, and sacred space to enable you to experience a deeper subconscious connection to self, which enables you to return to their own love and highest good within
Why this course?

I love being of service with clients. After a long health break during 2020, I now realise I’m ready to hold space for more than one client at a time.

I’m excited to now offer a group service for clients in an effort to arm you with tools to support you walking your journey path. Additionally harnessing the power of a group is just as powerful as an individual clinical session. 

What's in the course?

The course consists of 8 modules (8-week course). The course structure is outlined below

Each week you will receive access to a written module which includes a sample meditation for you to use within your own devotional practice. We will come together each week and discuss the written content, and then I will guide you through a specific meditation. After each meditation we will explore your new discoveries and discuss your homework tasks.

What can I expect from each module?

During each session we will :

  • Get grounded into the sacred circle space at the commencement of every session
  • There will be opportunities to undertake a Partner Commitment. During the later modules, I may assign you a partner to work with throughout the duration of that module to explore, practice and share
  • You will be fully supported in creating and extending into your own self-devotional practice with session intuitive meditation, grounding and breathing techniques
  • Each session I will ask you to share your observations from the last, to help you acknowledge and own your own learnings
  • Close each circle gathering with a commitment and intention.

“If you are trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be!”

– Maya Angelou

Content Description

This course includes a combination of online written material and online group gatherings. Once COVID restrictions ease we can hold sacred space in a face to face environment.

Module One - Let's Get Grounded

Grounding is a reconnection technique which can have a myriad of positive health benefits. In this module, we will learn several techniques to support your new self-love practice.

Module Two - Breath Work

Breath is a powerful tool to restore peace and harmony to the body in times of stress. Learn four techniques to enable you to navigate the stresses of life.

Module Three - Rest & Digest

Learn about the two states of your nervous system – ‘flight & fight‘ or ‘rest & digest‘. Discover simple techniques to counteract old switching habits and reset yourself during times of stress.

Module Four - Thoughts, Feelings & Attitudes

When we respond to life from a space of accountability and responsibility for self, we are in a place of unconditional love.

Learn how the body communicates with itself and discover the differences of thoughts, feelings and attitudes. 

Learn how to identify triggers and by-pass all the drama and turn off the old negative stories and patterns by addressing your thoughts, feelings and attitudes.


Module Five - Learn To Cut The Ties

Learning to forgive self and others is an absolute gift. Learning to release your connection to that which no longer serves you frees up your energy to work towards seeing triggers through the eyes of love.

In this module we shall experience several methods for letting go and cutting the ties to that which no longer serves our higher purpose.

Module Six - Learn To Trust Self

Your sense of self-worth is a measure of how you value yourself. However if you’re in a state of stress or running old negative patterns you’re unable to trust in your innate wisdom to take proactive actions.

In this module we shall explore areas where you can reconnect to your intuition and learn how to trust self.

Module Seven - Self Devotion

Learn how to make a consistent regular commitment to self through a series of daily rituals that can be incorporated into your life at your pace.

Learn how to show up to and for self in ways you’ve never considered before.

Learn to recognise when you say ‘no‘ to self you will leak vital energy and the connection to your dreams.

Learn to recognise when you say ‘yes‘ to self, you can reconnect with Spirit and a world of infinite possibilities.

Module Eight - Set Intentions & Create Rituals

In this final module, you will be able to practice an array of self-love practices and rituals which can be easily implemented in your everyday life.

“Nothing can dim the light, which shines from within”

– Maya Angelou


Got any questions before you commit? Here’s some FAQs.

Content Description

This course includes a combination of online written material and online group gatherings. Once COVID restrictions ease we can hold sacred space in a face to face environment.

What if I can’t make each session?

Each week’s module will be recorded and saved within the learning portal. Upon payment, access to this portal is available for you to work at your pace at any time that is suitable to you. You can watch the recordings as many times as you like.

How much time do I need to invest in this course?

Each session aims to run for 60-90 minutes. There is some reading material suggested to prepare for each session. Additionally, each week’s meditation recording will be uploaded into the training portal to enable you to practice and complete the Q & A section.

I haven’t studied Meditation before, is this course right for me?

This course aims to gently guide you through a variety of different guided Meditation practices. The purpose is to introduce you to calming breath work, grounding, self-empowerment tools and your spiritual intuitive development.

It is a beautiful compliment to any other meditation practice that you have learnt before. Additionally, it can also be considered a gentle invitation to your own tailored beautiful spiritual practice.

I haven’t done circle work before, how does it work?

COVID has gifted us with opportunities to think and operate outside the square. Whilst we normally gather in person, this introductory course will be provided online.

Each session you’ll log into a private zoom meeting (cloud-based meeting portal), with the registration link provided upon registration and payment.

I recommend for these online sessions you utilise your computer or tablet. Please note that zoom can be uploaded and accessible via your mobile smart phone. 

The benefit of group work means you get to immerse yourself into combined and magnified energy to do your healing work.

How will I be supported during this course?

Of course, you will be supported. Kaz is always available to you via email during the duration of the course to ask any questions. You will also have the opportunity at the end of each session call to ask questions.

How do I pay for this course?

This introductory course runs for eight sessions over eight weeks. You can choose to pay weekly membership payment of $37.50 x 8 or payment in full of $280 (early bird fee).

“ You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide to not be reduced by them”

– Maya Angelou



Yes, I am ready to undertake this 8-monthly course. I understand that I have two payment options.

I can pay upfront in full for the amazing discounted price of $400.

Alternatively, I can pay eight monthly (8) payments of $55.00.

About the Instructor

Hey gorgeous, my name is Karen and I’m committed to empowering women who choose to change their lives through self-empowerment.

During my experience of breast cancer I had time to consolidate all my tools that I’ve gathered over the last 20 years of spiritual development.

I’ve learnt that there is no time like the present to dig deep, to take responsibility and own your stuff. It’s so empowering taking positive steps forward on your journey path.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you.

You can’t go back in time and change yesterday.

You have no control over tomorrow.

You can only embrace the NOW of today.